Oklahoma Tornado

Look at the pictures and watch the video below and unpack a seed on the devastating Oklahoma Tornado. Think about what you see, hear, feel, taste, smell. Write down any major facts in your seeds and remember to include a RAFT. You will then go on with a descriptive piece of writing (draft) about the tornado. You may wish to write a snapshot about one particular moment or write a descriptive recount describing what it would’ve been like to be surrounded by the tornado.

Remember to use descriptive language in your seed and draft such as:

– Adjectives (describing words)

– Emotive and feeling words

– Synonyms (replacing boring or repeated words)

– Similes Eg: The unpredictable tornado was spiralling like a giant whirlpool. The devastating tornado roared towards us like a pride of lions.

– Complex sentences like we have been using in class Eg: In the afternoon, when the sky was dark and stormy, the destructive tornado spiralled out of control, destroying everything in its path.

The destructive tornado

The aftermath