Water in the environment – week 5 expectations

Expectations for today.

– Continue your research on the topic/question and record your learnings.
– Find a web site for your SQ3R
– You may begin your SQ3R. Make sure you do a draft before doing your glogster.
– Continue to develop your web-site. After today your site should be starting to look like a proper web-site with headings, information, pictures and links.
– Complete your good copy designs on A3 paper. These designs must be very detailed, labelled and must include a description of what materials you will be using. Every group should be ready to start preparing their designs next week.
– Unpack your seed and complete a genre of writing about your topic. Make sure you are following the writing process.
– Your group may begin making a voice thread.
– Everyone will complete a reflection today, describing what their group achieved and what they have learnt today.

One thought on “Water in the environment – week 5 expectations

  1. Today me and my group did a great job on our question by get down what it means it means the climate change impact on water which is running out Talia and I finish our seed and maxwell worked on the website so I think that we did a good job today. I learnt that the climate is impacting on water so that how water is running out.

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