5 thoughts on “Water in the Environment – Reflection Week 5

  1. I achieved our Pic Collage, Restoring our website.
    I learnt that if people cut down trees in a rainforest it might end up in a drought because all the moistures disappearing.
    I did not achieve my goal from last week because I did not do my voice thread.
    By Heidie. 🙂

  2. Today I achieve my planning on my SQ3R in my book and I also achieved to get some information down from google.
    Today I learnt that the ranforest hurrys up the water cycle to make it so that it can rain and help the environment.

  3. What did you achieve today? Today we got our voicethread done and most of our design done we have also started our SQ3R.
    What did I learn today?i learnt that flood happen a lot around the world . I have also learnt how to save water.
    We also learnt that when you take a hour shower you are being super selfish.

  4. Today my group finished our 3rd design and our SQ3R on glogster.
    Today I learnt that a bath takes 70 gallons on water to fill it and a shower takes 10-25 gallons. Also turning turning off the tap when your brushing your teeth you can save 200 gallons of water a month thats enough water to fill a large fish tank and its enough to fit 6 small sharks!

  5. Close to 4 hours today I had done a seed and then I had to do a voice thread but all of the laptops weren’t any charged so that I couldn’t get any charged that took for ever.And the rest of my group well they had done most things that they got done well. They sure did more than me. Corey got the SQ3R done, Chantelle got her seed done and Zahnna got the brief thing done so it all pretty much got everything done.After we all got something done we only had 3 things more to go so that is good for us.

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