Complex Sentences


LI: To be able to write a complex sentence to engage readers with powerful writing.

Explain to students that today we will be looking for complex sentences. Discuss what a complex sentence is and ask the students why authors might use complex sentences.

Read ‘The Fox’ (Magaret Wild) until I reach the model sentence. Discuss the model sentence and unpack its four parts.

…In the evening, when the air is creamy with blossom, dog and magpie relax at the mouth of the cave, enjoying each other’s company.

–       Circumstance of time

–       Circumstance of manner

–       Participant, Process, Circumstance of Place

–       Process

Model my sentence that follows the same structure and then get the student to come up with one as a group about the morning run.

…During the afternoon, when the sun was brightly shining down, we kayaked around the huge deserted lake, paddling effortlessly through the calm and glistening water.

Students then go back to their table and write a complex sentence. To assist them they should try and think of a personal experience. Once they have written their sentence they can post it to the blog for reflection.