Homework Week 7

Due Tuesday 4th June

Complete a snapshot piece of writing on the picture below. Remember to be as descriptive as possible and try and include adjectives, synonyms, similes, emotive words and descriptions of what people are seeing, feeling, wondering, hearing and smelling.

To help you get started read some of the samples based on the Oklahoma tornado that students wrote, because they were fantastic.

It would be great if people could include complex sentences too.

You may choose to write your homework as a post or you could write it on a draft sheet of paper. It may be presented in your writers’ gift once it has been published.


21 thoughts on “Homework Week 7

  1. At least 100 people screaming in my fear. Trees swishing in the breeze. The river running down pushing people. I feel anticipation because I really jumped in the water. What’s going to happen when I land in the water? Will it hurt when I land in the water? Are the people moving cause of me? What is the guy with his arms up doing is he worrying about me? The wetness from my pants. The water moving as people swim.

  2. My eyes are sensing everybody swimming in the nice and soothing pool, a man is making a massive leap from a great height to get his body splashed in the cool water, the tree leaves are very still and they are just sitting there, not getting blown at all. My ears are filling with madness as everybody is screaming with joy because the man is about to jump in the cold pool, the waves are not flactuating, the leaves are not rattling at all, and making the environment feel bland. That sun is powerfully beaming down on me as I’m relaxing in the peaceful pool, the shock ness is running through my body as the skilled man is taking a humongous leap. My nostrils can sense the heat around everyone, the smell of the water is evaporating in my nose, everybody’s fear and terror is rushing through my body. My mouth is filling up with disgusting salt water, I am shocked and surprised because the man is about to fantastically land and my mouth is wide open and speechless, everybody’s heat is making me sweat with even more light of the sun.

  3. In the Evening, the children below me yell of excitement- yelling of excitement like the world wars. The children are screaming of joy, their facial expression is showing how excellent the water is and how fantastic the water is. The water seems dirty and filthy because of the look but the children think it is magnificent so why can’t I think that too. The naughty children in the water below me are stopping me from jumping in the water and they are stopping other kids next to them from having fun. All I can hear is the loudness of the fantastic experiences that the children are having. The facial expressions of the other people looking forward to jumping in after me, looks really exciting. The carnal is really long as if it was The Great Wall of China. My fear starts to gain as my heart beats really fast, like the fear of a tiger getting chased by a lion.

  4. The screaming of the children, fears my soul, leaving me terrified in horror. The sound of joy excites me as I wait for my turn to jump. My nerves speed up as I feel terrified of fright of how deep the water is. The people below me are screaming of joy as they start to talk and swim. The sound of the happiness is making me excited and delighted. The way the carnal looks id just really amazing and it is as beautiful the horizon. The sound of the people talking is really delighting and it seems to be really fun and exciting for the people below me.

  5. The people screamed at him, a hard moment, trying to not be terrified. Everyone screaming at him and cheering telling him to jump. He might hit the water hard and after that he might feel magnificent and do it again. They are feeling happy that they are not on land. It is a hot day over there. There might be to much people over there.

  6. Heaps of people fearing that they won’t get stomp on by this giant man
    That looks like he is going to splash on every one of the people that are in the lake.
    If I was one of those people I would probably be running out of the water try trying to get to safety. And if i was the giant man i would be woundering what is going on with me and as if i was controlled by a crazy freak who knows nothing.

  7. There is a person screaming as he jumps off a rock and into a dirty brown lake. There are hundreds of people around me trying to cool of as the sun is burning and pounding on everyone’s skin. The people and I are enjoying our swim in the semi-dirty water avoiding the heat of the burning and blazing sun. Parents are supervising their children as they are happily playing and splashing around on this hot simmering day. The heat waves are visible as we play in this refreshing cold water. The persons scream startles me and quick shiver comes down my back. The noise of chattering fills the air. It is a loud but soft noise.
    Although I am in water my body is still boiling hot. There is a big splash, it was the person making contact with the water.
    Author: Logan Flynn Of 5/6 A

  8. In the evening, the people below me yell for excitement, leaving room for me to land in the water. The water seems very dirty and filthy because it’s all brown, but the sad thing is the children think it’s clean because they are used to that water! All of the people are swimming away from the man that’s about to jump into the water. I begin to jump and my nerves are shivering up my back and I’m so terrified it seems that the people are cheering me on for me to jump, but I’m not that sure I really want to do this. I get pushed by someone and slowly rise into the water. What’s going to happen when I land in the water? Is the water to shallow for me to land in? Are they trying to catch me seeing there not moving? Will it hurt when I land in the water? There is a person screaming as he jumps off a rock and into a dirty brown lake. There are hundreds of people around me trying to cool of as the sun is burning and pounding on everyone’s skin.

  9. In the afternoon, when the sun was shining brightly over me, I did a massive jump into the long but skinny canal, hoping to make a humongous splash in the water and cool everyone off on the 42˚C day. People are looking at me thinking as if it was a competition. I am overwhelmed at how many people are in the canal. How many people are in the canal I thought to myself? People are yelling and cheering me on as I do the massive jump. The smell of dirt and mud fill my nose because of all the dirt and mud in the water.

  10. During a 42-degree day, when the sun was at its hottest, I jumped into the dirty, shallow, water into the canal to cool off. Not knowing what dangers I faced, I didn’t really care. The only thing going through my mind was to get in and cool off. There were so much people there, all the way up the canal. It was a pretty high jump, but I didn’t really think twice about it! As I jumped, every story I’ve ever heard about people drowning like this came back into my head. Now, all I can do is hope, wait and see how this turns out! I ask myself, what could be down there where I’m jumping in such shallow water? Sticks? Rocks? Branches? Maybe even a person under the water? Anything at all could be there… SPLASH! My feet hit the water, then my whole body. I hold my head under the water for a while as I try to cool off. I come back up, and then I realize what I just did. How dangerous that was, I’m just lucky I didn’t die or get extremely injured. I think about doing it again, but then I think twice! I continue my day just sitting in the water, I look around and see some people are playing exciting games, and I get a bit frustrated as I hear most of the people complaining about the heat. I don’t think I’ll ever do that again!
    By Zach

  11. In the afternoon when it was a nice day there are thousands of kids swimming in a very long water stream. The trees are moving side to side from the breeze and I could hear splashing and the wind. I could smell the dirty water surrounding me.

  12. I would be able to see a kid jumping of a high rock doing a front flip into a river full of people cooling off. It was a hot day and everyone was in a cool river cooling of enjoying the company of other people while their having fun and people under trees. You can hear people yelling for fun splashing and Tasting the disgusting water in the river.

  13. There in front of me are hundreds of people. People there underneath me not knowing that I’m going to do a hideous splash over them. I might land on the water. I feel scared that I might seriously hurt myself or hurt myself from landing on my belly.

  14. Seeing
    The muddy polluted water that I am about to jump in.
    The children that are having a time of their lives.
    That I won’t land in the water but I will land on the rocky cliff.
    The wind rushing through my hair as I fall.
    I wonder if I will land on my back and have a saver injury.
    I wonder if I will land on a poor helpless child’s life.
    I hear the ginormous splash that makes my landing.
    I hear the children splashing into the calm water.
    The fears of my parents that are watching me jump of the cliff.
    The soap that my mother brought to wash my filthy clothes.

  15. In the afternoon, when the sun was bright I was about to do a overly large splash and and wet everyone around me. I was hoping I didn’t land on someone. I jump and everyone is screaming as they get wet from my huge splash that I just done.

  16. I would be able to see a child jumping off a rock thats high above trying to do a belly wacker into the river of dirty water while everyone is watching him. While I am jumping I see everyone staying back because they didn’t want to get jumped on. I was pretty nervous what would happen when I jumped in the water if i would jump on a bunch of rocks or something thats dangerous. I begin to think that what people are thinking of me while I am doing a belly wacker into the water. I begin to hear the terrifying screams of people that are moaning playing games and trying to hold out from the fourty two degree heat that is burning everyone. I can breathe the dirty disgusting water that just makes us more sick but it is only the water we got to survive otherwise we are just going to die quicker without it.

  17. There is a young man going into the river while trying to showing off with his friends and having so much fun with his friends and family. The young man has his friends and family in the water. There is an astonishing noise of the family saying “GET DOWN FROM THERE” from the people everywhere around the young man. There is a disgusting smell from whenever some animal dies in the water. It’s like someone is trying to purposely put a disgrace full smell up my noes but it is very good as well as the disgusting s smell is so good but It’s because from the fresh air and the gum leaves all together as one.I wonder why I am amazed that he has the guts to do what he is doing a jump off a humongous and the noise of the splash is going to huge imagine all of the people the people getting all wet at the bottom of the river he would be happy but the others wouldn’t be most likely to be anxious instead of grace full like the other boy on top of the top of the hill.

  18. I see hundreds of people swimming peacefully and I smell disgusting and filthy dirty brown water.

    The sad thing is that all of those people have to drink the water, clean themselves with it and wash their clothes.

    I feel awful for the people because every 15 seconds a mother losses he child during water related diseases.

    There are millions of diseases in the water and millions of people die from these diseases.

    I wonder why they are still drinking it, cleaning their self’s with it and washing clothes with it? The water carry’s many diseases and people are dying.

    I hear everyone having fun and I hear the water splashing everywhere.

  19. Everyone was screaming, they kept on saying aghhhh don’t do it you are going to kill yourself. He was jumping from a bridge that was 10 stories high. I was thinking that he was only joking but when he was jumping off I felt like it was my fault because I told him that he wouldn’t of been able to do it. I was amazed that he actually jumped! The water is all dirty and has mud at the bottom of it but we didn’t care because it was a 44 degrees day and we had no other water.
    PS: Can you please tell me what my score is?? please

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