We have started looking at SQ3Rs.
We have unpacked what surveying a text means. We discussed that when we survey a text we scan it for key words and key pieces of information without fully reading the text. When we survey the text we look at headings, sub-headings, key words, bolded words, etc.

We used the text below to survey and we thought that the following were the key ideas and the key words.
– shark attacks
– 1916
– Jersey Shore
– sharks
– mauled
– provoked

We used our key words and ideas to come up with some questions. Our questions are:
– Did people in Jersey Shore have the same knowledge about sharks in 1916?
– Were the people scared of the shark before the attack?
– Was this shark provoked?
– Is the boy in the picture, not scared of the shark?

From our reading we found key ideas from the text.
– A century ago, people in America thought sharks were harmless.
– People were shocked when a shark killed four people in 1916.
– Boys were killed in a creek by a shark.


We answered our questions.

– A century ago, people were not scared of sharks. They thought they were not threatening and sharks were scared to come too close.

– We believe the shark was not provoked. We think this because sharks sometimes attack people as they think the people are seals or some type of prey.


We find it hard to believe that people did not know the dangers about sharks in 1916. Surely there would have been some time of shark attack prior to 1916. The previous attacks may not have been communicated to people in Jersey Shore because of the lack of technology during this time period.

Even though we thought the Jersey Shore shark attacks were a disaster, it was also a great learning experience because it taught them that sharks could be dangerous.


One thought on “SQ3R

  1. Great job Mr Andrew for helping us do an SQRRR, it was fun doing it with you and I hope we can do more SQRRR in the future.

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