Understanding Line Graphs

Line graphs are created by plotting points on a chart, then drawing a line to join the points together. They are often used to display data such as rainfall, where the data goes up and down (fluctuates) over a period of time. The line joining the points gives us an idea of up and down changes.

This graph shows the monthly rainfall in two cities. Note that the rainfall is measured in inches. We use millilitres to measure rainfall in Australia.

Monthly rainfall for Portland and Montreal

Look carefully at the picture. What must a line graph have?

19 thoughts on “Understanding Line Graphs

  1. The most important things you need in a line graph is a y-axis title, a y-axis, a x-axis, a x-axis title and a chart title.

  2. X axis, Y axis, the chart title, Y axis title, X axis title, a line to represent what is happening in the graph, it needs very neat squares inside the graph so it helps you to know where to put the dot/line, most of the time you need to count by more than one number space for the Y axis, the title must obviously say what the graph is going to measure and most of the time it needs a legend.

  3. Line graphs need to be clearly labeled, must have a Y and X axis. They need a clear title of the chart and the things it is measuring. They must have the numbers or words showing when and how much of whatever is being measured. It can be very helpful if they have a KEY explaining what the different lines are representing.

  4. A line graph has to have 14 lines on the grid, 6 numbers on the bottom and the temperature along the left hand side and the temperature of the other numbers.

  5. The line graph needs y-axis tittle, y-axis, x-axis and an x-axis tittle and a chart tittle. The lines have to show a temperature or more. The graph has to show between one, two, three people or more.

  6. This line graph needs to have squares all lined up. For example in our maths books we have square centimetres, but in this case every square is one inch. If it had a square in every meeting of the lines. You need to also put a title, it must have a legend and it’s data. It also needs a x-axis, x-axis title, y-axis and a y-axis title. You need to put what you are measuring it in. You need the numbers along the side, and you have to put what it is about.

  7. A line graph has to have 1-4 lines on it and it must have x-axis, y-axis, y-axis title, x-axis title,chart title.

  8. You need some sub tittles y-axis and x-axis and if your doing a line graph you need some lines to show your working out.

  9. The line graph must have the y-axis title, the y-axis the Chart title, the x-axis and the x-axis title.

  10. The most infortunes think is you green line y-axis title y-axis x-airs chart title and to remember to name the x- and y- axes to show what is being recorded.

  11. On a line graph you need a name for the line graph, a name for the y-axis, a name for the x-axis, a y-axis, x-axis, data/information, the numbers on the y-axis to represent how many of something there is and the numbers on the the x-axis to represent when it is.

  12. A line graph needs a Chart title that is the name of the chart. It needs to have a subheading that is a Y-axis t for the numbered part of the chart. The chart needs another subheading that is X-axis title for the name of the bottom part of the chart. The chart needs to have a Y-axis part that is for the numbers in between the numbers. The chart also needs X-axis part of the chart that is for the line on the bottom of the line graph that is on top of the numbers on the bottom part of the chart.

  13. A line graph needs to be clearly labeled, you must have a, Y-axis title, a Y-axis, a X axis title, a X-axis, and a Chart title. The chart must be able to see the meausing clearly. Also explaning what the different lines represent.

  14. On a line graph you need y-axis, x-axis you need numbers our words, a title, numbers on the y-axis, title for your chart and show what’s being recorded.

  15. A graph needs a number on the sides but you can’t have an number on each of the sides you can have the numbers on one of the lines each horizontal but also the vertical way.
    The graph will also need an y-axis tittle and also I think you it only has an y axis no tittle and it may need an month but it can have it sometimes it must have a tittle for the graph it will need an x-axis and it has to have x- tittle and it sometimes might have an decimal point

  16. Line graphs always must have a chart title, a Y-axis title, a Y-axis, a X-axis title and a X-axis those are the main things you must have when doing a line graph on something. a chart title is the title of the subject your doing such as the highest recorded temperature. A Y-axis is the title but it’s slightly different like if the chart title was highest recorded temperature then it would be something like temperature.

  17. With a Line Graphs you need a y-axis and your x-axis you need to understand what ur doing and how your doing it and a chart title you also need show your working out.

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