Water in the Environment – Week 6 Expectations

Expectations for today.

– Continue your research on the topic/question and record your learnings.
– Continue your SQ3Rs. Make sure you do a draft before doing your glogster.
– Continue to develop your web-site. After today your site should be starting to look like a proper web-site with headings, information, pictures and links.
– Complete your good copy designs on A3 paper. These designs must be very detailed, labelled and must include a description of what materials you will be using. If your group is ready, you may start making your designs today. Some of you may need to wait until next week so you can get the materials that you will need.
– Unpack your seed and complete a genre of writing about your topic. Make sure you are following the writing process.
– Your group may work on the voice thread, although I think this is something that one member can do, not the whole group.
– Everyone will complete a reflection today, describing what their group achieved and what they have learnt today.

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