Homework Week 8 – SQ3R Survey & Question / World’s Biggest Water Slide

Due: Tuesday 10th June

– Survey the news article below and come up with 3-4 key words. Remember when you survey, you do not need to read the article. Just look for words that stand out.
– Use your keys words to ask 3-4 thick questions.

You may write your key words and questions as a comment on the blog or submit it as a handwritten piece of work.


18 thoughts on “Homework Week 8 – SQ3R Survey & Question / World’s Biggest Water Slide

  1. Survey: 1.Auckland Question: 1. Where is Auckland?
    2. Ranch 2. How desprate can they get?
    3. Despression 3. how big is the Ranch?
    4. Cud 4. What is Cud?

  2. Survey: Charities, Depression, excavator, Auckland, Mundane, Lug-trench.
    Question: What does Charities have to do with the actual big water sliding?
    Question: Why did they use to make charity money by using the mundane things such as selling raffles?
    Question: How much money do they end up having by the end of the water sliding foundation for the people suffering from depression?

    I am not sure if this is the homework though.

  3. Survey: auctions, muddiest, slope and constructing.
    Questions: Why did they invent the world’s muddiest water slide? How long is the water slide? Why is it the muddiest water slide? Did they sell the water slide and how much was it?

  4. Mundane, millions, excavator and charities.
    my questions are.
    how much money did they raise from this water slide?
    who came up with the idea of this fun raising water slide?
    how long did it take to unpack and build the jump?
    what age group could go on the water slide?
    By Bailey 🙂

  5. 1) Mundane my question is- Would someone buy the water slide?
    2) Depression my question is- Why are they feeling down?
    3) Auckland my question is- Where is Auckland?
    4) Excavator my question is- What are they using it for?

  6. Key words!
    – Mundane
    – Excavator
    – Constructing
    – Auctions
    – Auckland
    – Depression

    What were the auctions of the water slide?
    Where is Auckland?
    Do the people suffer from depression?
    What is the Mundane?

  7. Survey: Depression, Lug-trench, Auckland, Mundane, Charities, excavator.
    1. Question: Why is the big water slide the charity not something else?
    2. Question: Why did they use to do the mundane things like selling raffle tickets but now they have stopped and started using water slides for charities?
    3. Questions: What other charities are they going to use besides using the big water slides just like the old charities such as selling raffles.

  8. Key words:
    Raise money
    “living more awesome”
    Muddiest water slide

    Why is “living more awesome” their motto?
    What charity were they raising money for?
    Why did they build a muddy water slide?
    Why did they raise their money for charity?

  9. key words: Down slide, Charity, Auckland and water slide.

    Question for down slide: How steep is the down slide?
    Question for charity: What charity are they raising money for?
    Question for Auckland: How far is Auckland away from Traralgon?
    Question for water slide: How fast do you go down the water slide?

  10. Key Words: Auckland Charity Water slide Raise money Living Awesome Depression.

    Question: Why are the raising money?
    Question: How steep is the water slide?
    Question: Where is Auckland and how far is Auckland from Melbourne?
    Question: What does living awesome mean?

  11. Key words: excavator, two shavels and festival.
    1: who paid for the excavotar
    2:how long did they took using two shovel
    3: what was the festival for.

  12. 1. Why did they construct it.

    2. Why do they even do when they can just get injured by grazed, broken bones and more.

    3. Why do they call it a festival.

  13. Key words: Charities, Depression, excavator, Auckland, Mundane and Lug-trench.

    Questions: What dose CUD mean?
    Questions: What dose charities have to do with mud, water, and the huge water slides?
    Questions: Why are charities trying to raise money?
    Questions: Why did they make the water slide the longest water slide in the world? hy Questions: Why is the water slide so muddy?

  14. Key Words: Raise awareness funds, 650metres (2,135ft), grazing, mundane, “living more awesome”

    Question: How did they make it?
    Question: does living more awesome mean that they can always improve on things or make than better?
    Question: What is the meaning of ‘mundane’?
    Question: I wonder what the term ‘grazing’ is used for?
    Question: What are the awareness funds for?

  15. Questions: Whats the meaning of ‘mundane’.
    Questions: Why do they slide in mud.
    Questions: why do they do it.
    Questions: where do they do it.

    Key words:

  16. Key words from the article:
    Water Slide
    Carving up a steep slope
    Living more awesome

    Why is the Water Slide so Muddy?
    Why are they carving up a steep slope?
    What do they mean by living more awesome?

    1. Auckland’s
    2. Excavator
    3. Mundane
    1) Is there a bigger slide than the one at the top of the page?
    2) What is the slide there for?
    3) Is the slide dangerous to the people that have been on the slide?
    4) Has any one died on the slide before?

  18. Key words: New Zealand, muddiest, concrete, festival, mundane and bake sales.

    Question for New Zealand: How long does it take to fly to New Zealand in a plane?
    Question for muddiest: Is the water slide the muddiest in the world?
    Question for concrete: Did they use concrete for the water slide?
    Question for festival: Are they going to start a festival on the water slide?
    Question for mundane: What does mundane mean?
    Question for bake sales: What are bake sales?g

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