Traralgon Winter School Sports – Football

Today LRPS competed in the Traralgon Winter School Sports. I was lucky enough to coach the football team who did a fantastic job all day. Although they didn’t come first, the boys competed hard and challenged all of the teams they played. Josh was the days leading goal kicker with 3 goals. Cody, Luke, Corey, Reece and Zach were among the standout performers of the day, but all the players should be proud of their efforts.

A highlight of the day was Corey kicking a goal on the siren to win one of our games.

5 thoughts on “Traralgon Winter School Sports – Football

  1. Today was a very great day to celebrate winter sports. It wasn’t good weather… But congratulations to your fantastic football team for participating in this challenging event. I played T-ball and we lost against other schools more then we won and the weather made it worse because I kept slipping whenever I tried to get to each base. But I think that today was a great day.

  2. I hope that you did great, because I know that our netball team went great and the other team did great as well. It does look like all the players for the football teams are soaking wet in that photo.
    Did you have to deal with any injuries?
    How many games did you win?
    Why did you wear Geelong jersey’s?

  3. Great job L.R.P.S footballers for competing in this year’s winter sports, I hope you all did Fantastic. What place did you come? Judging by the team I think you would have done magnificently. I hope you had lots of fun. Also why did you wear the Geelong colours?

  4. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the winter sports for football we did pretty good but we didn’t do good enuf to win but better luck next year Liddiard Road and remember never give up on winning, we will get there and win if we keep on trying.

  5. I want to do it agin next year and I hope that we win more then one and beat some of the teams we have not won agist and try to make sure that we don’t do nothing wrong keep it up.

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