Lunch with the teachers

Today we had another ‘lunch with the teachers.’ Two students from each senior unit class, who have had perfect attendance and behaviour for a week, are rewarded with a special lunch with the teachers and aides from the senior unit.

A highlight of today’s lunch was Mr Andrew’s home-made party pies. They were excellent. Miss Cook’s piñata cake was pretty good too.

6 thoughts on “Lunch with the teachers

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    Every Wednesday the 5/6 Unit teachers and Support Officers reward students for attendance and strong work ethics by inviting them to a teacher lunch. This has built student consecutiveness with the unit and createda bond between staff and students.

  2. Wow, that cake looks amazing! I would of got it but I had to go to the high school. 😦 I find it very good that we have lunch with the teachers because it encourages kids to come to school everyday. I think that since we have had this lunch with the teachers more students have been at school more often which is great for their education. Every time that I have had lunch with the teachers it has been delicious.
    I have one question, Mr Andrew have you ever made anything home made to bring for lunch with the teachers?

  3. Wow, That is a very good cake! I cant think of anyone that wouldn’t eat that cake. It looks totally superb and I’m sure it tastes like it too! I like lunch with the teachers because it BRIBES kids to come to school and learn and they will get used to school. THEN THEY WILL LOVE SCHOOL. I like school not the learning part though. I mean, its good to learn new things but sometimes its so BORING. I like how my grade does Global Ed. Im in Mrs Joyce( 5/6J ) 😀

  4. I didn’t get to eat the cake, but it looks really amazing and I just feel like eating it. I think that Miss Cook should make the cake again when I am chosen as the lunch with the teachers so I can taste it and so I can write another post on what I thought it tasted like and if I like the taste. I think that the cake would taste really lovely because if it looks then it could be really tasty. I have been hearing that Miss Cook’s cake was really fabulous by the people that ate the cake on the day. If Miss Cook can make something as tasty as that cake then she could be able to teach the other teachers how to cook all of those foods.

  5. Wow, that cake looks amazing. I only have got lunch with the teachers once, but looking at that cake tells me what I have been missing out on. Words escape me. It looks that good.

  6. I like the cakeI think it is amazing but after eating all the junk food wouldent you be full and be fat like i cant eat that much so WOW i just cant believe it. who made it who ever did i like the idea of the smarties.

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