World Class Video ‘Water and the Global World’ by two amazing Grade 5 Girls

Our Global Classroom

Tahlia and Stephanie prepared a video to help Ms Joseline to get a water pump so her students don’t have to walk miles to collect water.

These two students have committed themselves to preparing a video to help share with the world their knowledge of how water is vital to the world. Ms Joseline, Tahlia and Stephanie hope you like their video.

Mrs Joyce is extemely proud of these two fantastic girls.

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7 thoughts on “World Class Video ‘Water and the Global World’ by two amazing Grade 5 Girls

  1. I admire these girls for making such an inspirational video about the water crisis in Africa, this video shows that they really care for the people in the water crisis. Superb 20/10

    1. Steph and I were so proud of our selves because at the start of inquiry we had no clue of what was happening and how things were meant to go, and then we made this video and we are so glad that we picked a video for our project because we found it cool but also fun.

      1. It is great to know that you had fun making the video, it is just outstanding video, blew my mind away.

  2. This is a fantastic way to show everyone and convince everyone that water is more important then you think. I remember one inquiry day when we had to walk around the school and collect dirty water. I was very tired of carrying the bucket full of water and I just realised that people in need have to so way more work than I did. But this was a very pleasant way to show our water crisis. Well done Tahlia and Steph.

  3. Wow, that is an extraordinary video. I LOVE how you explained how we could have clean water in Uganda and why. I personally think that dirty water is not worth walking for because it is filled with different germs and bacteria that can cause UN-pleased injuries and sickness that may DEATH. I like the way you thought that water-pumps can start shorter walks to get clean,fresh water for families to produce happy and cheerful villages with clean water that doesn’t have yucky bacteria and germs that will depressing for a child to loose a mother/ father and depressing and stressful for a mother to loose her child. Lots of people die from water related situations Global and it has to stop. Thank-you for making your video global and I hope that people donate to! The best of luck to you, Steph and Tahlia.

  4. I think that Stephanie and Tahlia have been extremely successful because they are using water from puddles and not wasting water from getting it out of the taps.

  5. I think this is a fantastic video because it will persuade people to donate money so people can get alot of money for the people who have no water to buy like 5 or 6 water tank with fresh water.

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