Unpack a writers’ notebook seed – 2013 Indian Floods

Just last week, Traralgon was issued with a major flood warning. Fortunately the town escaped with minimal damage.

India however, has not been so lucky. Northern India is currently experiencing severe flooding, which has been fatal and dangerous enough to wash away apartment buildings. These floods once again show the power of water and how climate change can impact on the environment.

Your writing task today is to unpack a seed after watching the video clip. Ensure you think carefully about how you are going to unpack your seed. You may choose to unpack it by brainstorming senses such as feel, hear, see, smell and taste. You could unpack your seed by writing down facts about the floods and using the laptops to research further into the devastation.

Once you have completed your seeds, make sure you complete a RAFT. Think about the genre of writing you will draft. You may choose to write a descriptive snapshot, an information report about the floods in India or maybe an explanation explaining how severe floods are made.

Remember to use as much powerful language as you can in your seed and draft.

4 thoughts on “Unpack a writers’ notebook seed – 2013 Indian Floods

  1. In my opinion I think I did the best seed I ever did yesterday. It included everything that was meant to be included, like a raft, some snapshot sentences, similes and adjectives. It was also set out in a nice way as well. I am soon going to create a good snapshot.

  2. Wow. I cant believe that the flood swept away lots of Indians in a devastating floods that ripped buildings down like my dog Tyler that nearly ripped my whole arm off. The water was strong and powerful as it was shown in the video, the ripples were moving fast like light years.

  3. I also think it is very sad that most people in the floods died. I didn’t know a flood could get so powerful and agressive. There were massive and powerful waves like a devastating tsunami. This is a really great video to do a snapshot on, and you can do a really fantastic seed from it as well.

  4. Snapshot on Indian flood
    A five story building is being torn apart and swept away with ease by the raging frothy gigantic flood. There are humongous gaping holes with debris hanging with water uncontrollably flowing in and out of the destroyed ruined buildings. From all the pressure from the water buildings are crumpling and collapsing like wet soggy paper slowly disintegrating. Water is streaming out of the windows like the superman escape shooting out of metropolis underground train station at 100 kilometres per hour. The flood tips things over like a leaf flying over the edge of a waterfall. Piercing screams are sending goosebumps up my shivering cold back. There is absolute chaos, people screaming their heads off, buildings crashing to the ground like pebbles being thrown over the side of the waterfall. The flood makes a noise like a cross between a bullet train and a hungry vicious pack of lions. The smell of fear is uncontrollably oozing out of everyone as buildings are being swept away like a blade of grass being picked up by a ferocious tornado. I am devestated as people’s homes are being swept away with ease by this destructive flood.
    Author: Logan Flynn of 5/6 A

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