Homework week 10 / term 2 – Similes

Homework will be due next Wednesday (26/6/2013)

Your task is to write a descriptive simile, like we did in class this week. Remember a simile is comparing a word, object or thing to something else. Watch our class video on similes that is on our blog.

Please post your homework as a comment underneath the simile video or write it on a piece of paper and post it on the blog during eating time prior to next Wednesday.

86 thoughts on “Homework week 10 / term 2 – Similes

  1. The puppy was as cute as a button. This maths test was as easy as 1×1. When I got tackled it felt like a freight train hit me. When I went on the giant swing, 2 minutes felt like an eternity.

  2. The huge tornado ripped everything off the trees, like a cat ripping feathers off a big black crow.

  3. The T-rex was as mean as a shark.
    The clownfish was as silly as a joker.
    The wind was as loud as a train.
    The leaves were as bright as the stars.
    The bird is as blue as the sky.
    The sun was as shinny as gold.
    The clouds were as white as snow.
    The fluffy jumper was as warm as the smokey heater.
    The planet pluto is as small as a penny.
    The time flies like arrows.
    The dancer was as smooth as a smoothie.
    The juice was as red as blood.
    The person was drooling like Homer Simpson.
    The animals are as hungry as Homer Simpson.
    The math teacher was as sharp as a pencil.
    The bed felt like a cloud.
    The butterfly was as brave as a lion.
    The water was as cold as the ice-cream.
    The cats tail was as soft as cotton candy.
    The tooth was as white as paper.

  4. He played the x-box 360 so good it was like he was the best player in the world.
    He throw the ball so hard it was like he had a robot arm.
    He dug a hole so fast it was to fast for a robot to beat him.

  5. The potatoe was as boring as a blank wall.
    The turkey was as skillful as an overweight gorilla speaking spanish.
    The puppy was as dumb as a brainless sloth.
    I am as skilled as an obese elephant doing backflips on a trampoline.
    My face is as beautiful as dead blade of grass.

  6. 1: Tigers are excellent climbers like a yelling monkey.
    2: The cheetah was fast as shutting star.
    3: The bombs where loud as an elephant dancing ballet.
    4: The snail is boring as staring at a growing grass.
    5: The basketball was bouncing like a rabbit.

  7. The hellhounds were as vicious as a swarm of eagles.
    He smashed the ball so far like he was playing baseball.
    The destructive bulldozer demolished the building within seconds.
    The feather fell from the sky like it was the lightest thing in the world.
    I desperately ran from the group of sharks that were trying to attack me.

  8. The sun was as bright as trucks light on full beam.
    I am small as a full grown mouse.
    My mum is mean as a humongous bull.
    My dad is as rich as the richest fine person ever.
    The movie is as scary as the earthquake and a tornado.

  9. The giant was as hideous as the troll scaring people off away his bridge as he glares into their eye really strangely.

  10. The rattling snake was as loud as maracas being shaker by a Mexican performer, performing at a restaurant for the audience.

  11. The little girl was as adorable as a baby panda bear cuddling up into a little ball while rolling around in a circle.

  12. The sweaty man was as wet as a dog coming out of the water getting ready to start shaking its self dry.

  13. The vicious dog was as anxious as a blood thirsty dog looking for its prey getting ready to start killing and eating.

  14. the tree house is as old as a broken shed roof.
    the elephant’s are as loud as an out of controlled party.
    the man is as fast as a lightning bolt.
    the basketball was as bouncy as a jumping kangaroo.
    the police was as angry as a red steamed devil.
    the comments was as great as a billon air about to float away from ground.
    the lovely weather is so important to the colourful world.
    the keyboard is as touchy as a crazy monkey.

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