5 thoughts on “Australian Flag

  1. That was a very great video to show your opinion about our Australian flag. I think that windows live movie make is a great way to show persuasive pieces like what Mr. Price said. The easiest thing about movie maker is basically everything once you get used to it. But the thing I didn’t enjoy about it was the saving bit where you didn’t show us how to save properly… But once again it’s still a great programme to use.

    1. Thanks Jay for that complament, as I write this I am still shocked that Mr. Andrew put my Video up on the blog and you tube. Once again thakns for the complamnet Jay.

  2. Wow Logan, I didn’t know you were capable of doing such a touching and out-standing video about our Australian Flag. I agree, the soldiers fought under our flag to protect our country with the flag and they looked up to it to save our country from war, thousands died and be should love them for them looking up to the flag and remembering we have courage and spirit in them. How-ever if we change the flag, Australia will have a whole different meaning because it doest represent Australia’s history and why we are so multi-cultural. We NEVER EVER want to change Australia’s history because people from over-seas wont think that they are welcome because we have changed the flag from since people have coming. Besides, the Australian flag is beautiful and spiritual the way it is and there is no reason for us to change it. The people in the Australian ANZAC have put their blood, sweat, and tears into fighting over and winning the war and we don’t want to be disappointing them from just clicking their fingers and its changed. This is a real catastrophe for Australians like me and I think in my opinion that the Australian flag should defiantly should NOT be changed.

    1. Thank’s Heidie for giving me a complament on my movie maker. I didn’t expect Mr Andrew to put my video on you tube. I just saw it up there this morning and freaked out. : )

  3. We should not change the Australian flag because the flag has the Union Jack because we speak English and the Union Jack is on the British flag and they speak English. Also the Australian flag has the southern cross and he are one of the only countries that can see the southern cross. Finally Australia is one of the commonwealth countries and the commonwealth star is on the Australian flag. So would you want to change the Australian flag?

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