Melbourne Graffiti Visit

Earlier in the year, our unit visited Melbourne and explored some of the city’s ally-ways, which have been covered in amazing graffiti by artists.

Many of our students then established opinions on whether graffiti should or shouldn’t be allowed. All students agreed that if graffiti was allowed it would be professionally done by artists who had been granted permits.

Below are some videos that the students made on the topic.

2 thoughts on “Melbourne Graffiti Visit

  1. My opinion about graffiti is that it should be banned because it looks disgusting. But anyway all of them movies were very great and nice graffiti pictures as well. The thing that troubled me was trying to find backgrounds that I could write so that you could see the writing, but the rest was still easy.

  2. I think graffiti should be accepted to be colourful and bright because it is. The graffiti artists just want to express their feelings but it sometimes gets out of hand. People think that it looks disgusting and dirty but could you do the extraordinary talent? People sometimes try their hardest to make a great painting or graffiti when other people just judge it to be disgusting with no hope. Look closely and you will see thw wonder and mysteries just in one word that is graffiti. They do different texts, fonts, styles, and even do graffiti pictures of people that look magnificent. I cant really understand why people think that it just is painted on a building and think its, plain. They don’t get the bigger picture, and the bigger picture is that there are so many hidden things in graffiti if you look hard enough, I’m sure you will find secrets and someone opinion and feelings about their life. Of course people sometimes just graffiti rude words and rude drawings but the ones that are bright and cheerful or sad and mysterious they all have a meaning that is more then it seems. Graffiti is not just a painting or drawing, it holds the key to a persons life. Mysteries, secrets, feelings, thoughts, wonders, it all adds up to different stories that other people might be interesting in. That is why I love graffiti. The stories that lay in just one word or picture is truly magnificent, and I hope people enjoy graffiti as much as I do.

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