Water in the Environment – Week 9 Expecations

This is your last inquiry day. You will need to do the following:

–       Your design should be completed today.

–       Your website, which clearly answer your inquiry question must be completed and published. Your web address will need to posted to the blog once it’s published.

–       Voice threads should be finished.

–       SQ3R glogster must be finished.

–       Refer to your checklist for any other pieces of work that need to completing such as your writing genre, mind-maps, etc.

3 thoughts on “Water in the Environment – Week 9 Expecations

  1. congratulations for your inquiry group for completing this terms inquiry. It was very hard finishing off everything else on inquiry day… It also really worried me because I was in a hurry to tick off the last things on the checklist. I really enjoyed inquiry day this term, and I hope it’s also fun next term as well.

  2. Inquiry day is soo tiring. I like learning about Water And The Environment though. Its great though that we have inquiry day so that we know the meaning of the Inquiry so we can know what to do in High School or at a Campus. A lot of pressure was onto me on last Friday, but I managed to get through. I am really excited for Inquiry Day because I am proud of my work and I want everyone to see it and feel the same way about my project that I do.

  3. I think that it went well and we got a lot of positive feedback from people that took the time to come look and read our presentation.

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