22 thoughts on “Descriptive Recounts / Writing Rotations

  1. There is trees everywhere, its exciting be here. All I see is puddles scattered everywhere. The pouring rain is hitting me in the face like someone is poking me with hundreds of needles. I hear the echo sound of engines reving and roaring through the bush.
    I hopped out of the boiling car; I had to take my motorbike off the trailer. It felt like I was lifting a tonne of bricks it was very heavy I felt very frustrated and angry that my dodgy bike didn’t start. But then its engine just suddenly erupted, I was feeling delighted and more excited that I could go riding now.
    I finally went for a ride and felt very frightened that I would fall off because I hadn’t rode for a while. It was slippery and wet from the violent storm. I thought “I should have brought my jacket”. The wind was so strong and seemed as powerful as the incredible hulk. It nearly blew me right back on to the rugged ground. It was so rough that my wheels stated to rattle, I felt myself sliding towards the trees.

  2. When I arrived at the netball game. I was feeling shy, scared wondering if we’re going to win. The girls were ready to go on court. I could see it in their eyes that they were excited about the game. I could hear my mum screaming “YOU’RE THE BEST AND YOU CAN WIN IF YOU PUT YOUR EFFORT IN IT”. We all run on to the court and I was feeling confident. We start to play the game.

    I shot an amazing goal and I was feeling proud of myself because I have never short an amazing goal before. I was speechless. We got in front. By 5 goals. I was feeling exhausted, sore and happy. We keep playing on and everyone is cheering. It got that loud. I nearly couldn’t hear a thing. When I take another step I was feeling so excited if we we’re going to win this amazing, loud game. It got that loud that I couldn’t hear a thing. IT HURT!!

    We tried to get more goals but we couldn’t. We were behind by 24 points. We had 4 minutes left but sadly we were going to lose. We were feeling so unhappy because we tried our best. Maybe we will win next time. 3 minutes were left. We short a goal but we were still behind 18 points. 2 minutes were left. What could we do? Where going to lose.1 powerful minute left . Where lost the game “DING DING” we lost the game. I was feeling angry, sad, upset and irate. I said to my team” we did a great job

    1. Wow Winnie that is very descriptive. It looks like you have put a lot of effort into this piece of writing piece. Wonderful job 🙂

    I step into the room and my dream comes true. I felt as if I was dreaming. I look around me and I see beautiful, colourful and amazing piece of art work. I turn around all the questions in my head were answered.
    My mum calls me but I had my head in cloud 9. I felt as if the pictures were talking to me. I started to get really angry because there were more people and that meant I couldn’t have my peace and quiet.
    I was walking very slowly, room after room and there was this one room that was calling me I thought it was my mum but I was wrong. I went inside. I was seeing thing I wanted to ask questions but there was no time to waste my imagination was going wild it felt it was toying with me.
    By Liz!!

    1. You have done an amazing job Liz. The only question I have though is what do you mean by toying around?
      PS: Mr Andrew what score am I on?

  4. During the blustery afternoon, the water looked rough and angry. The freezing wind seemed to tear right through me, sending goosebumps up my spine.

    The kayak seemed to weigh a tonne as I dragged it off the damp car. Rain started to fall heavily and the wind intensified, encouraging the water to crash against the long jetty.

    My feet began to turn numb from the freezing water as the kayak begins to float, rocking up and down with the small, but powerful waves. Carefully, I enter the kayak and notice dark storm clouds that continue to gather over the large lake.

    I take my first paddle, feeling a little anxious about kayaking in the rough water, but excited about the challenge that lay ahead.

    The fluctuating winds push against the boat as I tackle the waves which were strongly smashing against the kayak. The icy cold water splashes up and starts to fill the boat. I continue to surge forward with my arms screaming in pain from continuous paddling. Ahead, I can see a brave fish, leaping out of the water. I start thinking, “I should’ve brought my fishing rod.”

  5. I felt nervous as I got on my brand new bike the roar of the motor sounded like the roar of a lion. I reved the motor a few times And I was off. I was racing up hills and jumps and there was this monstrous jump I went up but before I could jump my back wheel slide out and I star td to slide back down.

    I walked the massive glass doors and instantly the smell of homemade pizza, cake, pie, muffins and cupcakes tingled at my taste buds making them go crazy in my mouth.
    I just stood there still as a lion hunting it’s pray. I let the food wrap a blanket of warmth and protectiveness around me. The smell of the food is so mouth-watering and I didn’t even have to taste it to believe it.

    The food was as soft as a cloud! It tasted like I was in heaven because I think for a second I died because it was so good like it was an addictive drug I couldn’t stop eating it.
    My brother walked up to me challenging me to a food eating contest was my brother stupid did he know he was versing I could finish a whopper meal in 5 minutes flat. I kept stuffing my face with all the food that was on the table my brother after 10 minutes my brother gave up I went on for another 15 minutes just to make sure that I won. I think he’s going to be a tad depressed for a while.
    After the food challenge I was stuffed to the brim. I jumped on a ride that spun me round and round I don’t know why but I wanted to vomit up everything because that is how much I just want to because I think my stomach will burst if I don’t.
    I don’t really remember what happened on the ride because the sight of vomit made me dizzy so I didn’t know what was happening. The next thing I knew I was vomiting all the contents in my stomach I blacked out I feel so sick. When I woke up everyone was around what happened to me and why was I on the floor with vomit all over me?
    Author: Sunday Garang!

  7. I got on the enormous ride and felt really scared as the ride lifted me off the ground. I could feel the ride going up high in the sky. As it was going up I could see the people next to me screaming in excitement, lifting their hands up high. When I was at the top I could feel the sun burning on my legs and arms. As the ride dropped from the top I could feel my belly drop. I could hear the music really loud as the going was around.

    In the middle of the ride it stopped right at the top. All I could hear was people screaming and the music. When I was up so high I could see people at the bottom and the other rides. It was so the rides scary when the ride dropped all the people at the back seats were so scared because they couldn’t see anything.

    As I got off the ride I had massive head ache because of the music was screaming really loud and all the screaming people were doing. I could see people see people getting on the ride in excitement. All people that were getting on the ride looked happy. As I looked back at the ride I saw the ride going around in circles and people yelling.

    1. Wow Bonnie, I love how you have used a lot of description. This is an amazing piece Bonnie, you should publish it to put in your writers gift.

  8. As I walked onto the court, I felt so pumped for the game that I think my heart skipped a beat. I quickly slid my bag over to the bench, picked up a ball and joined the rest of my team mates for warm-up shots and repetitive, slow jogs up and down the court. I walk over to the bench and sit down. When I see Tom standing next to their tallest player I can’t help but laugh. The ball goes up, as it comes down they both jump. To my surprise the boy from the other team just tips the ball.
    It’s half time; the scores are equal, 30-30. I sit down and grab my drink bottle; I’m exhausted so I have to manage my breathing time. “For the 3rd quarter we’re running a diamond press in defence!” the coach seemed frustrated, the referees blow their whistles and call time in… “1,2,3 ENERGY”!
    It’s the final quarter and there is only 15 seconds left. The score is 61-59, the other team is winning. We slowly get the ball down the court; the crowd gets into my head… “7, 6, 5, 4”. I get the ball, take a step outside the 3-point line, I glance around looking for any open players, then to the clock and to the ring. The roar of the crowd sounds like someone just dropped a bomb in the stadium. I shoot with confidence, it’s looking good. In the corner of my eye someone is leaping toward me. I get thrashed to the ground and violently hit my head. I open my eyes. I’m lying in a hospital bed; I can’t remember anything… what happened…? I’m so confused, I remember the gam… did we win?
    By Zach!

  9. As I got on the rollercoaster butterflies invaded my stomach. As he ngines started I felt like I was about to puke because of my hysteric nervusness. As we start rolling on the tracks I turn to my bestfriend. She has a smirk on her face, I feel terrified. As we role up the hill and the butterflies make me sick. I am roar and scream as we fall down the hill. I can feel my hair blowing in the wind. I scream for all my life as I am about to die. I am petrified and I puke onto my bestfriend. She screams and I scream back. As we go onto a loopie loop my stomach drops and I feel sicker than ever. I am hysteric. The kids younger than us in the other c arrige behind us are just talking casually like there are relaxing in a pool. I CANT BELIEVE THEY DONT THINK THIS RIDE IS SCARY. We go so fast like the speed of light and I nearly have a heart attack. The ride stops and I can hear myself breathing heavaly. I open my eyes. Somehow I am on my bedroom floor. Thankgod, it was only just a dream.

    1. Heidie, I love your choice of wording. I looks like you have put 101% into this piece of writing.
      It is also good to see that even though you are not in this writing group you still commented a piece of writing. Well done.

  10. Wow, all of these writing pieces are spectacular! I see that this writing group have did recounts and they are all very fantastic. They have all learned a lot over the past weeks.I am doing explanations and I easily get mixed up with the explanations and information reports because they are very similar. Recounts are very fun because you get to describe a past event. I also think that explanations are fun. Congratulations people who did recounts.
    uperb job.

  11. The Crystal castle
    In the morning when the morning dew is spread over the car. We went to the crystal castle. First we went to the gift shop, we saw giant sparkling crystals. We brought an adorable green rabbit. I t was as adorable as a real rabbit. I went to see the other crystals that went shaped as an animal. There were many colours like blue, black, purple, green, pink, orange and red. We walked over to an ancient castle. We were wondering if it was Indian or Chinese. It was exciting to see another attraction that was found in Australia. When we went to the maze part of the attraction you couldn’t just walk through the maze the rule was you had to get through the maze to get the shiny crystals. I was amazed that I was the one to get the crystals. My sister was sobbing so since the crystals were in pieces I gave the other half to my sister. We went to go give the crystals to the gift shop. Instead of giving money for the crystals we got to exchange it at the gift shop. My sister picked a cat that purred and I picked a rabbit that raced.
    By Brittney

  12. All of these pieces of writing are amazing. I don’t know how you have all done it. I see that this writing group have did recounts and they are all spectacular. They are all descriptive. Well done to everyone.

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