Snapshot Writing


Explain what it would be like to live next to this rubbish dump. How would you feel? What would you smell? Be as descriptive as possible. Try and use powerful language such as synonyms, complex sentences, adjectives, similes and emotive words.

Descriptive pieces can be added to your writers’ gift folders.

7 thoughts on “Snapshot Writing

  1. I am confused. They look like trees….rubbish trees. This is my original country, the Philippines. I have never seen a picture of the Philippines this way…. I have only seen landmarks and shopping centres. I know some parts of the Philippines is poor, this place looks disposal of rubbish centre. Do those people live their? If yes, I could NOT imagine my life to be in that place. WHERE WOULD I EVEN SLEEP? But I would feel sorry for them.

  2. When the sun is half shining, and the mist of the fog was passing by, I am in a brown and dirty cardboard tent, sitting in there and sleeping.
    My eyes vision other cardboard tents are horribly around me, a dirty and rotten pile of filth is behind me, people are looking disgraced that they don’t have a better environment, the heavy wind is blowing our cardboard tents away, my face is very shocked from the big pile of rubbish back behind me and I look awfully horrible from the bad choice of clothes on this terrible day. My nose is filling with the horrible smell of the rubbish behind me, the dirtiness of everybody smells disgusting, the smell of all of the un-environmental chemicals smells miserable and the cold breeze is whooshing past me. Some of the dirty rubbish is falling apart which is filling my ears in action, the soothing wind is gently brushing against my ears like a someone is softly brushing a paintbrush on paper, everybody is silent like the breeze of wind and the silence of the environment/people around me is extraordinarily quite. The gentle breeze is smoothly passing by my body, the silence of everyone is running through my back, horribleness is the feeling that I am feeling, the rubbish is making me feel terribly filthy and the company around me is making me safer. The rubbish has a devastating taste running through my wide mouth and everybody’s fear of having no food or drinks is running through me.

  3. A massive pile of garbage piled on top of each other is all anyone would see because it is so big you stand probbly 1 kilometr4e back and still be able to see it easy. Anyone would feel shooked at how much garbage is stacked on top of each other right behind someones house. The rattling sound of garbage moving is all I can hear. Garbage and rotten thing are every were you go you can smell. All you can taste is garbage in your mouth and because there is so much it can’t came on of your mouth.

  4. There is a huge rubbish dump behind peoples homes. There is millions of
    pieces of rubbish. Glass, cardboard paper, plastic and many more recyclables dwell around this putrid place. Plastic is everywhere, there is about 1 billion cans and bottles here. You can see the rubbish dump from kilometres away, even if you are in a helicopter you probably would still see it. There is a putrid smell coming from he garbage dump, my nostrils just want to get away from this disgusting place. The stench of the dump is wafering in the air making me sick, and I can tell you it is not a pleasant smell. The constant sound of truck motor coming in and out like birds on a wave pattern, around and around. The constant crushing and crunching of rubbish is annoying my ears and it drives me mad. I feel nauseous as I walk around felling like I could throw up at any second.

  5. If I was to live in this place I would rather live somewhere else because the place would be really stinky and every one would smell bad even if they had a shower. My opinions on this place is that the garbage should be taken somewhere else because if people keep living there they are going to be feeling really sick and they won’t be feeling well. They need to move houses or get the garbage taken away because living there would be like living in a garbage dump and it wouldn’t be nice at all.
    Everyone that lives there should get a nice place to stay so they don’t end up being in the hospital. I would feel really terrified because of all of this rubbish and it could just FALL all on top of the houses in front of it. If I was to live there I would decide to live somewhere else because I would be feeling sick if moved into that house. I feel really terrible for the people that are poor and for the people that can’t afford enough money to move house or to buy a house in another place because the house that is there is really small and really stinky by the look of it. The rubbish is as big as a tsunami coming closer and closer to us, getting ready to flood the place down.

  6. All the things that I would be able to smell are all of the things that are contained in the rubbish because it just looks like a huge dumpster that’s been stacked up altogether in one bin because by the look of it it could fit lots of bins to try and takeaway all of these rubbish. I would smell all kinds of smells due to the amount of rubbish there is. If I was smelling something the only smell that could be smelt is the disgraceful and disgusting smell of the huge rubbish stack. The smell would be making the whole town smell up because you would have an idea on what kind of garbage is the most stinkiest because they are all muddled up in one huge pile. The rubbish would smell worse then what normal rubbish smells like because if the amount of size of the garbage.

  7. A massive pile of rubbish dumbed outside of my house I was smelling something and turned around and saw people staring at the pile, I was thinking about it and someone must of messed it up during the night, it smelt like something was rotten and I felt sick in the tummy. The smell tasted like eggs are out of date and we all wonder about the garbage, if we were living in a tip or if someone has down this to us.

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