Water in the Environment – Reflection

This term our inquiry group have been studying water in the environment. Please reflect in detail on the following questions:
-What have you learnt about this topic?
-How important is water to the environment?

6 thoughts on “Water in the Environment – Reflection

  1. I have learnt that the rainforest hurry’s up the water cycle. I learnt every 19 seconds a mother loses her child because of water related illnesses. I learnt that 3.4million children die every day because of water related illnesses. I learnt that the water that we get and use comes through the rainforest first. I learnt that when you leave the sink running while you brush your teeth it isn’t actually wasting water it is just going down the drain which comes back into our water cycle.

  2. Water is important to use because we use it in different ways for the environment some ways we use it is for the plants, animals, crops and more.

  3. Our group has learnt a lot about water on the way . We learnt that by putting in a water pump in Africa can save 40billion hours so they can go to school to get an education . We also learnt that climate change can speed up the water cycle that can cause storms and floods. We also know that drouts can cause damage to yourself that could lead to death.

  4. Our group has learnt how to make a website and how much water is wasted in everyday things. 10~25 gallons of water is wasted from having a shower or 200gallons with leaving the tap on while brushing your teeth.

    Water is very important in our lives and everyone else’s we need water and animals need water and plants and trees need water because if trees aren’t growing we aren’t living because we need oxygen and trees give us that so we need to save water at home and in the environment.

  5. My group has learned that climate change can increase the average temperature. We have also learned how to make a web site. Climate change can speed the water cycle by evaporating more water to cause foods. Water is very important to everything because it gives life.

  6. My group learnt that 21000 children die of diseases in the water and dirty water.
    If we didn’t have water nothing would grow and there would be nothing on earth.

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