Water Inquiry Presentation

The 5/6 unit today had their inquiry presentation. The students showed off what they have learnt following nine inquiry days based on water.

Students presented their learnings via created websites, an SQ3R glogster, videos, information reports, explanations, mind maps, models, voice-threads and wordles.

Below are some images from the inquiry presentation.

What did you think of the inquiry presentation?

What did you learn about water?

7 thoughts on “Water Inquiry Presentation

  1. Looking at the pictures I can tell that everyone did a great job. I applaud everyone for giving their all into this terms inquiry. It all looks spectacular. Everyone should get a tremendous pat on the back. I enjoyed learning new things about water, for example 97% of water in the world is saltwater, 1% is turned into ice and icebergs and 2% of the water in the world is freshwater. I look forward to next terms inquiry and hope to do better or match the same amount of work I have done this term. Once again well done everybody.

  2. Why did you put my picture up on the blog I don’t rely like the photo and it is really embarrassing for me.

  3. Everybody did a really hard and great job today with inquiry and every grade had a lot of work to be shown, they were absolutely amazing and they were fantastic, I can see by the pictures that everybody was working really hard to get other people’s approved on their work. This terms inquiry day was much more full than last terms one and everyone enjoyed it more then last terms inquiry day. This terms inquiry day had a lot more visitors and more people looked at the work in the classrooms. This terms inquiry was really fabulous and it was fantastic, congratulations.
    Well done everyone for your hard work this term and I hope you do twise as much work for next terms inquiry team.
    I am looking for work to what our new inquiry theme will end up looking like, I hope we can congratulate ourselves again for all of the hard effort put in our work and hopefully we get more work and more busters next term.

  4. Everybody looks like they enjoyed and had fun when they were doing the 2013 term 2 water inquiry day everyone did a magnificent job on the inquiry day and I am sure everyone got great feed back. We had the most parents and other family members come in all of Mrs Joyce’s 8 years of Being at Liddard Road Primary School in Traralgon and everyone got set up and ready for the parents and everyone else to come to the inquiry
    day. So congratulations to everyone who participated in the inquiry day this term on water and thank-you all for coming we wouldn’t have had such a great inquiry day without you all.

  5. I had a great day on the inquiry day presentation and it looks like everybody else had an amazing day as well. It looks like everyone worked hard and it looks like it really paid off. I don’t know about everyone else but I think that our presentation was absolutely incredible. It was fantastic that it wasn’t only staff from our school but also parents of the children. I think that we all enjoyed ourselves and I am sure that I would defiantly do that exact presentation all over again. I liked this terms inquiry better then I liked last terms inquiry because we had more freedom of choice. I can’t wait for next terms inquiry because after this inquiry it seems really fun.

  6. I learnt that water carries diseases and that u can’t live without it . I thought the presentations were really good especially to see how many different ideas everyone came up with.

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