Class SQ3R and Open-Minded Portrait Homework


– hot dog competition
– devouring 50 hot dogs
– famous
– Coney Island

– Why do they have a hot dog completion?
– How would someone feel after devouring 50 hot dogs?
– Why is this a famous competition?
– Why is the competition held at Coney Island?

– Joey Chestnut broke his world record and ate 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
– It has been a Coney Island tradition since 1916.


– The hot-dog competition is a tradition in the USA. I infer that they have the competition to make money because there was lots of sponsorship signs around and lots of people were in the audience who probably had to pay to attend the competition.

– After eating so many hot-dogs, people would feel disgusting and very sick. They would feel like throwing up and I would think some of the competitors probably did throw up. I know this because whenever I have overeaten I feel really sick.

– It is a popular competition because it’s so unusual. It’s unusual because you don’t see people eating 69 hot-dogs everyday. It makes people want to watch it because they are shocked that people could eat so much food in such a short time.

– I think it is held at Coney Island annually because it has become a famous tradition in the United States.


Write your own review in 1-2 paragraphs. Your review will summarise the article in your own words, explain your opinions/inferences and support your opinions/inferences with evidence.


Watch the video below and complete an open-minded portrait (homework) as if you were Joey Chestnut. Remember an open-minded portrait is a descriptive piece of writing, written from a characters perspective. Include how he was feeling and why as well as what he was thinking and why. Your open minded portrait must be at least one paragraph but will hopefully be longer. If you are stuck on ideas for your open minded portrait look back on our blog to the open minded portraits on James Arthur that were completed during term 1.


30 thoughts on “Class SQ3R and Open-Minded Portrait Homework

    I am thinking “this is a very shocking event…” But what if I don’t win? I want to beat my own record and not let anyone else get in my way. I am accepting this challenge, and I would still be greatful if I don’t win because at least I participated. I cannot concentrate on who is winning because I have to devour all of these hotdogs in order to win. My throat is feeling very clogged up, but I want to impress the audience, my family and most of all, the world. I am feeling sweaty like a bucket of water has tipped on my head. I am not going to let anything get in my way. I have trained for this to happen and I’m not going to lose it. I am feeling anxious because I am scared that I am losing. But I can’t give my hopes up, I have to keep going.

    I can’t believe it! I won this hotdog eating contest! I am so happy and over joyful that I have manage to impress everyone! I have achieved my goal of impressing everyone, but most importantly, I have beaten my world record! I think that it’s a great talant to devour 69 hotdogs. I’m very excited and proud that I have achieved my goal, which was beat my world record.

    The Hot Dog contest is really hard and it is just really sickening, the only thing that is really disturbing is that we have to try to eat the most hot dogs to win the contest. The hot dog contest is really amazing because of how many hot dogs are getting put in people’s mouths. It is hard but I really want to win the hot dog contest for my family. I am starting to win the competition but it is still hard to compete in, everything that is in this contest is really hard because we have to try and eat the most hot dogs in 10 minutes to win, but it is still really hard to try and eat as much hot dogs as we could. I think that it is really disgusting how we are eating so many hot dogs for the contest. The time is going to finish leaving me on the total of 68 going to 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

    I can’t believe it, I have finally finished and ended up winning, I have always dreamed of winning and now I have, it is such a dream come true. I have finally finished and my total to the others is 69, I am so delighted to win this contest because I really wanted to win before and now I have finally won.

    I’m thinking this is an extraordinary hard challenge because I have to eat more than 50 hotdogs and I’m trying to bet my score by rushing long hot dogs down my mouth I am accepting the challenge and trying to get a better score than last time. I dont care about the persone that is beside me because I know if I concentrate hard enough I can bet the two people that are beside me. I know if im going to take a drink it will take off some of my time I am sweating like a big ball of pouring rain it is a hot boiling day and that is what is making sweat. I am feeling a bit sick from eating all of the hot dogs I know that I havd to eat more than 50 or I will not win yhe hot dog championship.

    I have ten seconds on the clock and i am already on 64 and the persone on the right is on 61 and the person on the left is only just on 60 and I might actually WIN the championship of 2013 isn’t this awesome I have won and bet my score its like im the king but I haven’t just won just yet I have 5 seconds and I am still wondering who is going to win but I know I’m going to win. no seconds on the clock and I have won it’s victory for me im and the king it is like a merricle I can finally put my hands on the big hot dog trophy.

    This hot dog contest is really challenging and I just can stop eating because of the contest. The contest is really horrible because I might soon get addicted to this food and I might get chubbier then usual. I really want to win bye I don’t think I can hold it in anymore for ten minutes of eating. The hot dogs is controlling me into keep on eating hot dogs. This event is really shocking, it’s just really challenging to eat as many hot dogs in ten minutes.

    The time is half way and it is taking a really long time, the hot dogs are just all stacked together. I don’t think I can handle this anymore, it’s taking to much time and there are too many hot dogs that can be eaten. In feeling stuffed of hot dogs already, my throat is feeling full of to many chunks of hot dongs. My throat is feeling like I have swallowed a whole bunch of bugs that have cloged up my throat. I have eaten too much hot dogs and I don’t think I can eat anymore, or stuff myself with any more hot dogs. It is really disturbing having to see all the other people stuffing the hot dogs in their mouth considering that I am doing that too. The sight of this competition is really disgusting and horrible to see when I’m looking at the other competitors stuff food in their mouths, I find it really hard worthy if you end up winning.

    I just want to win this competition for everyone but especially my family and think of the things I can do to help them with their problems. I really think I can win this but if I lose I’m just lucky I competed in such a competition. I’m going to feel sick soon, this competition is really hard to compete in. This cometition is really sickening and surprising. I really want to beat the highest score of hot dogs that have been eaten in ten straight minutes.

    I can’t believe it, I have finally won the competition, even though the competition is really challenging I have wine the competition with the score being 69 with lots of different types of scores. Out if the top four people I have won. I am really delighted to be the first winner. It’s really exciting to know that I have won the challenging competition. My challenge was to beat my highest score and I have ended up achieving it. I’m so overjoyed to impress everyone in the audience. I would like to congratulate the other competitors on a really great job in trying to win the hit dog eating competition. It is really tiring to eat without stopping for ten minutes trying to get the highest score.


  5. What I think about the hot dog eating contest:
    I think the hot dog eating competition would be very hard especially to come in first because you are eating hot dogs rapidly and I know I cannot eat hot dogs rapidly. I think the hot dog eating contest is a load of rubbish because you would not like to have any more hot dogs after the contest because you would get bored of having hot dogs because you are eating them a lot of times. The whole contest is about who can eat the most hot dogs in ten minutes.

    Open Minded Portrait on Joey Chestnut:
    I would be feeling sick because I know that I cannot eat any more five to ten hot dogs at the max a day or I would be felling very sick. At the start of the contest I would be trying my hardest to block off the sound of the people in the crowd and just keep on eating the hot dogs so I concentrate on eating the hot dogs without getting as distracted as you would be without trying to block out the sound of the people in the crowd. In the last ten seconds I would be thinking come on Joey you can do it, you can get this last dog down and beat my best amount of sixty-eight dogs down. When the contest ended I would be thinking have I won and who has won the contest and finally it is over and I have beating sixty-eight dogs down in ten minutes.

    As I wait to start to devour the hot dogs I’m scared that the Japanese guy would beat me because he has won a lot of hot-dog contest. As we are eat the hot-dogs the Japanese guy is always a draw with me, as I get to 20 hot-dogs I get my confidence back and start to thrash Stonie and beating him by a few hot-dogs. When I get to 40 hot-dogs I start to sweat and sow I dip the hot-dog in the drink sow it’s all soft and not sow tiring to chow. There’s 1 minute on the clock I go faster so the Japanese guy doesn’t catch up to me, there’s only 20 seconds on the clock and I get closer to 70, but I almost did I got 69 hot-dogs everyone was cheering because I broke the world record by so much. After we finished I was hoping I didn’t vomit or I would have been disqualified and not win the contest, but I didn’t vomit, it was a relief that I didn’t vomit. I was so pleased that I got the record.

    The Hot Dog contest is really hard and it is just really sickening, the only thing that is really disturbing is that we have to try to eat the most hot dogs to win the contest. The hot dog contest is really amazing because of how many hot dogs are getting put in people’s mouths. It is hard but I really want to win the hot dog contest for my family.

    The article is about a guy that eats 69 hotdogs in 10 minutes. I can’t believe that Joey Chestnut can eat 69 hotdogs in 10 minutes. I believe that you would not be able to eat for 2 days so then you could win the completion because you would throw up if you eat too much before you compete in the completion.

  9. Jay’s review.

    The hotdog eating competition is a tradition held in Coney Island. It is a very famous tradition because it would be wonderful to watch because you would get to experience the fun and action of watching heaps of people devour hotdogs. A man named “Joey Chestnut” has been crowned the man who can eat the most hotdogs for a streak of 7 years; meanwhile other competitors also join the fun, and exciting experience as well as the audience too. The man again (Joey Chestnut) won for the hotdog competition 2013.
    My inference is that it almost impossible to scoff down 69 hotdogs in ten minutes; that’s why I think that they starved themselves for a long period of time. They could’ve actually trained for a long time also, and using their personal skills to eat a lot of hotdogs at a time. I think that there are so many audiences because it could be a 4th of July celebration.
    My opinion is that it is absolutely disgusting to devour 69 hotdogs in ten minutes. It’s even more disgusting that they had to dip it in their water to make it easier to swallow. If I had ever eaten 5 hotdogs in ten minutes, I would already get sick of it. I don’t think that I would ever go to be part of the audience, because I think it is useless to watch people scoff down hotdogs. It would not be worth the money.

    This article is about a man named Joey Chestnut who eats 69 hotdogs in 10 minutes in a hot dog eating contest, I can’t believe that Joey Chestnut ate 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes in a hot dog eating contest and has the world record, I believe that if you went in a hot dog eating contest and trying to get the world record you would be eating hot dogs for 1 whole day to beat Joey Chestnuts record.

    Hotdog eating contest
    There’s a bunch of people that have to eat as much hotdog in 10 minutes, and there’s a guy named joey Chestnut that has won 7 consecutive years and is trying to beat his highest score and when they started joey Chestnut is ripping through all the hotdogs and he makes it looks so effortlessly. At the end of ten minutes he ate a whopping of 69 hotdogs.

  12. bailey’s review
    the hot dog eating Competition is a tradition held in Coney island it is a very famous competition you have to try and eat over 50 hotdogs in 10 minutes there are a lot of competitors and there is one guy who is trying to bet 60 hotdogs in 10 minutes I don’t know he done that but he actually got 69 hotdogs.
    I think someone that can eat more than 50 hot dogs would be tyred and assorted from having to eat 50 hot dogs in 10 minutes. If I was him I’d probably sweat until I have a drink of water
    Even everybody else would be tyred as well. He would be sick from eating and I know if you eat too much you can get sick or get a bally ace and I’ve had it before and it hurts.
    My opinion is that they eat more than 50 hot dogs and they win money or something and that’s why people have been practicing for a long time and I didn’t know they could eat more than 60 hot dogs.
    Are these people eating machines or something?
    Some people can’t pay to go into the hot dog challenge because they don’t have enough money to pay them so it sucks for them but the people who are doing it is going for a big prize.

  13. Review
    The article is about a man called Joe Chestnut who been eating hot dogs beating a world record of 69 hot dogs. I infer that Joe Chest nut thought he would win the hot dog competition for the 8th time in a row. Joe Chestnut has won the hot dog completion for 7 years. The hot dog competition is located in Coney Island. The competition is weird in away by how the people can eat that many hot dogs in the few minutes they had.
    I infer that Joe Chestnut would feel soar and sorry for the other competitors because the put a lot of hard work so they can be a part of the hot dog competition. I infer that the people that came 2nd and 3rd would have made everyone proud including themselves.

    The hot dog contest is really amazing because of how many hot dogs are getting put in people’s mouths. It is hard but I really want to win the hot dog contest for my family.

  15. Nyetap’s Review

    I think that a hot dog eating contest is a horrible contest to have because if you keep on eating all of the hot dogs then you could get chubbier and it is not healthy food to eat. I think that the competition should be banned because in the video lots of people seemed like they were going to all vomit. I think that the hot dogs were getting stuck in the people’s throats because by the look of the amount of hot dogs being stuffed down their throat then there should be a couple of hot dogs stuck down their throats.

    My opinion is that the competition should be changed because most of the people in the video look like they were about to dehydrated by the look on their faces. I think that the competition is a bit unusual. It’s a bit unusual eating 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes because normally people would feel sick after eating lots of hot dogs but in the video at the end people were acting all fine and they were acting like nothing happened to them even though they looked nearly dehydrated.

  16. Tahlia’s Review
    I think that the competition is fantastic, it is something that people enjoy because it is not a daily thing that people would do, and it is an unusual competition because people love watching the others eating hot dogs. I think this is interesting as well because most people come for fun, but others come to vote on who is going to win the competition. Why people are having this hotdog competition? Do they raise money by eating the hot dogs? Are the people allowed to throw up after eating? I wonder if people enjoy watching the others eating hotdogs? Does it make you feel hungry or sick? How old do you have to be to be in the competition?

    My opinion for them to keep the hotdog competition is that they should keep it, if they are raising money for this then it should stay. It is a different thing to do when you eat 69 hotdogs in 10 minutes because you can easily throw up and be sick. If I were one of the people that are watching them eat then I would feel very hungry and I would feel like eating hotdogs.

  17. Reece’s review on Nathan’s hot dog eating competition

    I think that the hot dog eating competition is to raise money by getting people to pay to be able to watch the competition were it is at and I also think the competition is pointless because all you are doing is watching people eat hot dogs as fast as they can in ten minutes to find out who eats the most hot dogs. I think if you ate 69 hot dogs like Joey Chestnut did you would be sick for probably for a week or two because I don’t think you can eat any more than ten hot dogs a day or you would probably feel a bit sick. I think the competition is only in Coney Island because that is probably were the hot dogs competition all started and thought of the idea to do a competition like this and a hot dog eating competition is what they choose. Before you go to where the competition is held in Coney Island they don’t eat for a day or two otherwise they would be full during the competition is over and won’t be able to continue during the competition and won’t get more points towards their final score what decides the place in the competition.

    The article was about someone devouring 69 hotdogs in ten minutes. I believe that whoever can devour 69 hot dogs must be pretty skilled. I wonder how someone can do that in less than 10 minutes. I wonder who came second. I wonder if someone else has come close to smashing the huge record. Joey chestnut may have not eaten any food for over 2 days just to win the competition.

  19. Louise’s review
    There was a person that ait 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes and he also won last year he came second and then this year he bet his score and then he was a winner this year so there was also a Chinese man went into the competition last year and I think he won and then this year he came second so then that other guy came first this year so that is a tragic and his name was Joey Chestnut and that guy came first and the guy who came second was well his last name was stonie that is all I now and also the guy joey chestnut well he is now in the champion ship letter that came first and ait the most hot dogs.
    I infer that Joey chest nut will eventually lose the letter ship board and then come first I don’t know for sure but that is what and my evidence is that chestnut is always second now that he has eaten a whole lot of hot dogs so that is what I think because he is going to get sick of get bigger and bigger so soon he has got to give up and then that Chinese guy will win then the guy who won this year will go down.

    This article is about joey chestnut eating Chestnut eating sixty nine hotdogs and winning the competition seven times in a row! People say he has a special ability to scoff down hotdogs within seconds and start going on to the next one. After five minutes Joey Chestnut ate forty one hotdogs. Last year he ate sixty eight hotdogs if you were to eat sixty nine hotdogs like Joey Chestnut did then you would most likely be vomiting all over the place or you just couldn’t and get to full quickly. I think Joey Chestnut is going to win next year’s hotdog competition since he was in a twenty three hotdog lead. I thought myself that no one could eat over fifty hotdogs because I could only eat two within around twenty minutes because I didn’t want to scoff down them all otherwise I would’ve felt ill. I underestimated how much a person could eat within ten minutes. Joey Chestnut could be the next Black Caviar winning twenty five times in a row at races except it’s a hotdog competition. I hope that Joey Chestnut is going to be undefeatable since he has been able to scoff down sixty nine hotdogs and winning the hotdog competition seven times in a row!

  21. Nyanom’s Review
    The article is about the man called Joey Chestnut, he eat 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes and he win contest. I wonder why they want to force themselves, for a hot dogs contest. I feel sorry for other peoples didn’t win how do they feel now and they forced themselves trying to eat hot dogs for the contest. They worked so hard but didn’t end up winning the contest.
    I hope the people that didn’t win the hot dog contest still be proud of what they have done to compete. If I was them I would just try to eat 20 hot dogs and not 69.

  22. Cody’s reveiw

    The article about the hot dog eating contest , could make them throw up and Joey Chestnut eating sixty nine hot dogs and having the longest reacord in the world and like to do it and people like it.

    As I take my first bite I worry if someone else will bet my world record or ever if I bet it myself. My girlfriend is telling me not to rush until the last minute but I don’t listen. People are everywhere to watch me and other people eat hotdogs in 10 minutes and try and bet my record. People are screaming and the referees are watching me and other people eat hotdogs so then they know when I throw up they know and then they can disulfide them. It’s been 5 minutes and I feel like throwing up but I keep on stuffing the hotdogs in my mouth so then I don’t throw up and get disulfide. I didn’t want to have a drink because then I would of lost time to bet my record. The other people look like they are going to throw up. I have 2 minutes left and I have eaten at least 60 hotdogs. Other people were disulfide because they throw up the 2 minutes are up I finally bet my amount of eating the most hotdogs and that was 69 hotdogs that I ate. People are cheering because I won the completion but other people are bowing me because I won and they didn’t want me to win. I have a drink so then I can clear my throat. I feel like throwing up but then I would have not made a new record for the world record book for people to see my record. The referee congratulated me on my win but he still had to watch me just in case I throw up after the completion I can’t believe I did my bet my record. My girlfriend congratulated and gave me hug everyone that I competed with was unhappy because they didn’t win the contest. My face was really disgusting.

    I’m at a hotdog eating contest and people begin to walk in, I start to get stage fright and I knew that I wasn’t going to win, I looked at the others around me and thought to myself, ‘I can do this’. I had never done this before and I got quite scared, I don’t know if I can make this. The competition is commencing and I believe I can do this, people put hotdogs and water in front of me and I now know that the competition is now starting, I have the first hotdog in my mouth and I start to enjoy this competition. I get through the first ten hotdogs and I believe that I am winning but others take over, I’m getting into this contest really well now and I am so excited that this is happening because now I think I’m going to break the world record. The competition now ends, I look up at the score board and see that I won, everyone one was screaming go Joey chestnut. My face looked so horrible because of all the hotdogs and water on my face, anyway I was happy that I won.

    We have 10 seconds before the competition starts; I take a quick look around and some competitors’ look like they’ll beat me easily. I start panicking and my head starts spinning. The siren blows, I stand stunned for a split second, and then I get back on task. I start pulling the hotdogs out of the bread, as I’m eating the hotdogs I put the bread into the water so it’s easier to swallow. It’s very close for the first 15 hotdogs between all the competitors, but some start to slow down. I realize that I’m just being beaten. The next few I don’t care if I choke, I take the risk and almost swallow them whole. It’s the only way I could take the lead…. It works! As I’m chewing the massive crowd intimidates me. They’re screaming all different names. But mostly I can hear my name. Everyone has slowed down dramatically now, but I don’t. I look back at my score and see I’m at the 50 mark. I take a deep breath and think about the record of 68 hotdogs… we still have a while left, so I start eating again. I can easily win but I can still get past 68. Time flies when you’re trying to eat 69 hotdogs! I’m already at 65 and there is still a little time left… 66, 67, 68! I take a moment to have another; I reach onto the plate and just manage to eat it before the time runs out. I just want to jump up and down cheering and shouting. But I almost throw up. I manage to keep it down but feel extremely sick afterwards. I look at my score just to make sure I got 69. That’s when I find the energy to shout in excitement! The whole crowd is roaring my name. My ears start to hurt a bit, but I don’t pay attention to that. I’ve never been so happy in my life! Afterwards all I wanted to do is celebrate, but after eating all those hotdogs, you just can’t. I never thought I’d win this time, but I didn’t give up and that’s what made me win… I can’t explain how proud of myself I am!

    As I devour the first hotdog for this contest I begin to panic that someones going to take over my place as hotdog eating champion and ruin my streak of six. I begin to wonder if I can beat my old record and win at the same time. I begin to sweat as I’m eating heaps of hotdogs within ten minutes. I want to speed myself up so I start to dip my hotdogs in the water that is in front of me and shove them straight into my mouth knowing that I’m going to beat this contest and beat the record as I got to fifty hotdogs there’s three minutes still on the clock and people start to slow down around me because they’re getting full. I’m eating the hotdogs one by one as fast as I can so I can win the competition I can hear the crowd cheering and screaming and everyone hoping they’re going to win but most of them are cheering at me because I’m winning this contest. As I get to sixty I look around to see other peoples scores and I could see that people were slowing down a tonne as I’m on a top score of sixty five and the others were below fifty still into the forties. I try to eat as much as I can so I could achieve a top score that nobody can defeat. There’s only twenty two seconds on the clock I start to feel anxious that I won’t be able to reach a score of seventy as I’m up to sixty seven I start to scoff then down as fast as I can while the clock is ticking down from ten seconds. I get to sixty eight hotdogs I quickly picked up the next hotdog and slammed it down my mouth like I had an adrenaline needle in me. I stop when there’s only three seconds on the clock knowing I won’t achieve seventy but still amazed about I had ate sixty nine hotdogs in ten minutes. The crowd give out one more humongous cheer as I won the hotdog eating competition for my seventh consecutive year and i still have the title of the hotdog champion. I let loose all of my feelings and thoughts because I had known that I had won the hotdog contest and hopefully I will win again next year.

  27. I am nervous and confident, I am nervous because there is thousands of people and they expect me to win this competition for the seventh time in a row. I am confident because I hold the world record and I have won for the past 6 years.

    At the start of the competition I start to feel worried as Stonie is leading by two hot dogs. During the competition I feel like throwing up as I devour 40 hot dogs in 6 or 7 minutes. With 1 minute to go I am extremely confident as I am winning by over 10 hot dogs, I feel like pukeing but I push on.

    I am felling overjoyed because I have won for the seventh consecutive year. I am rapped that I managed to win seven times in a row.
    By Logan Flynn

  28. Open mined portrait
    I am feeling nervous as I am attempting to devour 70 hot dogs in under ten minutes I am not very sure on doing this people are not going to be exited if I lose i need to win and beat my record I am so terrified because I might lose I stand on the stage as the man starts to say 3,2,1 GO.
    I begin to devour some hotdogs but Stonie is beating me by to hot dogs I begin to take the lead. Five minutes has past and I have eaten 35 hotdogs I struggle to eat so I dip them in the water I sallow them a lot faster the competition has 1 minute to go I eat 3 more hotdogs I beat my record of 69 hot dogs.
    I have won the competition I am feeling so good right now I can’t believe it I have beaten my record I thought I had lost I guess I was wrong hopefully next year I will beat my record of 69 hotdogs.

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