– hot dog competition
– devouring 50 hot dogs
– famous
– Coney Island

– Why do they have a hot dog completion?
– How would someone feel after devouring 50 hot dogs?
– Why is this a famous competition?
– Why is the competition held at Coney Island?

– Joey Chestnut broke his world record and ate 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
– It has been a Coney Island tradition since 1916.


– The hot-dog competition is a tradition in the USA. I infer that they have the competition to make money because there was lots of sponsorship signs around and lots of people were in the audience who probably had to pay to attend the competition.

– After eating so many hot-dogs, people would feel disgusting and very sick. They would feel like throwing up and I would think some of the competitors probably did throw up. I know this because whenever I have overeaten I feel really sick.

– It is a popular competition because it’s so unusual. It’s unusual because you don’t see people eating 69 hot-dogs everyday. It makes people want to watch it because they are shocked that people could eat so much food in such a short time.

– I think it is held at Coney Island annually because it has become a famous tradition in the United States.


Write your own review in 1-2 paragraphs. Your review will summarise the article in your own words, explain your opinions/inferences and support your opinions/inferences with evidence.


Watch the video below and complete an open-minded portrait (homework) as if you were Joey Chestnut. Remember an open-minded portrait is a descriptive piece of writing, written from a characters perspective. Include how he was feeling and why as well as what he was thinking and why. Your open minded portrait must be at least one paragraph but will hopefully be longer. If you are stuck on ideas for your open minded portrait look back on our blog to the open minded portraits on James Arthur that were completed during term 1.