5/6A’s first 100 word challenge

Today you are going to write a descriptive and powerful piece of writing based on the video and image below. You should try and use as much powerful language as possible such as:

– Synonyms

– Adjectives

– Similes

– Emotive / feeling words

– Snapshots (explain what can be seen, heard, smelt, felt and tasted)

– Complex sentences

Your piece of writing can be any type of genre, but must be planned (writers notebook) drafted, proofread and revised prior to publishing. Your piece of work can only be a maximum of 100 words, so you need to be descriptive to engage the reader and form an image in their mind.

For this piece of writing, you may write from the dog’s perspective or maybe be a narrator describing what is happening.

Your published piece will be placed in your writers’ gift and also copied as a comment underneath this post so others can read your descriptive writing.

12 thoughts on “5/6A’s first 100 word challenge

  1. Charlie and the big river
    In the morning, in the middle of winter, on a freezing cold day, I went across a powerful river but couldn’t get back. I taste fear as I try to find my way across without swimming. I try to climb up the steep mountain but slip back to towards the rough river. I finally give up and swim across the strong river as it was my only option. The raging water was as cold as an ice block. The river pushes me towards massive boulders in the dangerous river as I try to powerfully swim back to the other side.
    Author: Chloe Holmes

  2. Charlie And The Rapids
    I haven’t been here for a long time. I don’t remember much either! I’m so excited that when the car stops I jump out, courageously sprint down the hill and carelessly dive into the river. By the time I get to the other side my owner is just coming down the hill. I look at the surreal waterfall and that’s when I see something dreadful. I’m terrified. As I glance at the freezing water and see the rapids. I continuously run up and down the river’s edge. I bravely jump into the cold, icy water and fight the deadly rapids.
    By Zach

  3. Charlie and the rushing river

    The scared, shivering, horrified, trembling dog is trying to find a way to get to the other side of the river. The look on the dogs face was horrifying, having to travel around so much. The rushing river sounded like a whole bunch of waterfalls stranded in one area. The river was flowing like a rampage in a flood. The steep hill was as steep as a snowy mountain. The blustery wind was blowing strongly. The frightened but brave dog struggled getting to the other side. The river’s rapids were pushing the struggling golden retriever down the river.

    Author: Nyetap

  4. Author: Charlie and the rapids

    During the morning, when the wind was gently blowing and the water had rapids runningandsome golden retriever was on the other side of the bank worried about the water and was trying to find its way to the other side. The water seemed to look like disgusting brown water. The air was fresh; the water was like freezing snow touching your skin making it like an ice cube. The golden retriever was worried because he was trying to get to the other side. He notices that the only way to get across is to swim back.

    Author: Travis

  5. Charlie and the river
    The scared, terrified and shocked golden retriever was horrifyingly freezing in the cold river, while the trees were swaying in the strong breeze. It was extremely windy and the dog was shaking with fear. He was getting pushed away in the rough dirty water. He was too excited and overwhelmed that he went for a swim to the other side of the powerful water. He was getting into the water and he couldn’t go through because he thought the river was raging and dangerous. He struggled to get through to the rapids. He slowly dragged himself across to the other side.

    By Tahlia

  6. Charlie and the river
    I’m standing on the other side of the river waiting for my owner to come get me. I realise he’s not coming to get me I try to find a swifter way of getting over. It’s impossible. I have to go through the cold freezing water. I start to walk in the rapids and I force myself to get to the other side.

  7. Charlie and the terrifying river
    I’m half terrified about going back across the fearsome river because it was extremely deep when I carelessly went over the first time. I feel excited because I never get out to enjoy beautiful nature because I’m always in a majorly cramped backyard. I’m shivering because the water is absolutely freezing. I am feeling furious as I strangely don’t know how I’m going to get back across the powerful river. I feel unbelievably lonely as I curiously wander through creepy and frightening trees and grass. I finally toughen up, as I bravely and powerfully swim across the long and rampaging river.
    Author: Reece

  8. Charlie And The River!

    In the morning Mr.Andrew took Charlie to the beautiful Morwell River, Charlie jumped into the river and swam under the splashing waterfall. Charlie is terrified because he swam to the other side of the filfy water and he does not know how to get to Mr.Andrew. Charlie swam to Mr.Andrew and he jumped onto rocks that where as slippery as gooey slime. Charlie hears the water saying “Charlie jump in the water” the sun is shining on the water and the water is turning glittery while Charlie is swimming into the water. It was a fun adventure today for Charlie.

    Author: Shani

  9. Charlie in the river.
    The water is running fast as Charlie is having so much fun seeing fantastic waterfalls, playing on big rocks, jumping in the bush looking at the strong water, thinking how to get across. He’s having a look at logs and Mr Andrew is calling silly Charlie. Charlie is feeling terrible and horrified that Mr Andrew isn’t helping him get across. The bush and cold water is covered with hard cold rocks. Once he’s across the dog is feeling relieved. Mr Andrew is smelling wet Charlie and smelling the amazing trees. Charlie hears the wind making Mr Andrew cold.
    Author: Cody

  10. Charlie And The Raging Rapids
    I am bounding along happily on the other side of the river enjoying my time at this new place. My owner is watching me with a hawks bone chilling stare. My owner whistles a high sharp whistle, I have to go back. Raging rapids have started and it’s spiting foam everywhere like a malicious hungry tiger drooling as it eyes its prey. I jump into the frothing raging river like a seagull diving into the ocean catching it’s dinner. I’m doing my best to get to the other side. I start to think I won’t get back to my owner.
    Author: Logan Flynn Of 5/6A

  11. As I run down the very steep hill to get across the fast river cold river effortlessly, my carless master did not put me on a leash and when he finally came he saw me already across the river. Somehow I was so terrified to get back across. It was if there was a crocodile in the water. My master whistled so I came back across the river but I’m too scared so I go across the wet muggy hill to see if there’s a better way across but sadly it all the same. My master calls me again, and I fined the confidence to face my fears! As I jump into the extremely freezing water. The rapids in the river were very swift, paddle was so demanding but I managed to get across.

  12. Charlie and the speeding river.
    The dog was as terrified like a mouse getting chased by a cat. The water was filthy as a disgusting and disgraceful sewer. The trees were blowing in the strong wind as the dog was stuck on the other side of the powerful river. The river was such a beautiful sight but was full of raging rapids, which were very, very dangerous. The large shaggy coated dog was frightened and trying to get to the other side. The roaring wind was as loud as a parade happening in the streets in the evening.
    Author: Nyanom LR

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