SQ3R – Running with the bulls

Follow the link and complete an independent SQ3R on this article based on Running with the bulls.


Remember in an SQ3R you need to do the following:

– Survey the text > Pick out key words and ideas by scanning the text.

– Ask questions > Ask questions by using your key words and ideas.

– Read the text > Read the text and write down the main ideas/important parts of the text.

– Recite > Answer your questions with some some evidence. You may need to infer some of your answers.

Review > Write a summary about the text in your own words. Include your own opinion and inferences about the text with evidence to why you thought that.

You will complete the SQ3R in your reading books. Once it is complete, you will need to write your SQ3R as a comment underneath this post.

11 thoughts on “SQ3R – Running with the bulls

  1. SQ3R – Running With The Bulls

    Title: running with the Bulls.
    Author: NO author.
    Sl1s: people run with charging Bulls and some people get knocked over and stomped on by people and Bulls as well.

    Key words:
    Why do they set off fireworks?
    To announce the people who are going to risk there lives and run with Bulls.

    How are they risking there lives?
    To get Bulls to charge at them and probably kill them.

    Why do they run like hell?
    Because they are getting chased by Bulls and if you stop you get knocked over and probably get killed.

    People set off Bulls to run free and knock people over and possibly get killed. 15 people have already got killed by huge charging Bulls. Once again they want to do it again so they did and over 100 people participated in this. This man was crazy and brave enough to do it and he got hurt everywhere. A 28 year old goes rampaging with the Bulls and comes out alive. I think running with bulls is scary because you might get knocked over with other people as well.
    End of summary:

  2. SQ3R
    Title: Running with bulls
    Author:Kim Bielenberg
    Sl1S: 15 people where killed after they ran with charging bulls coming towards them!

    Running with the bulls
    I’d do it again
    Northern Spain
    28 year old

    Why is a 28 year old running with the bulls?
    Why is it in northern Spain?
    Why would people do it again?

    A 28 year old engineer was at a friends stag party and did it but died in he ram!
    15 people have been killed!

    The 28 year old was was running with the bulls because he was at a friend’s stag party because in the article it tells you about some people that ran with the bulls.
    It’s held in northern Spain because it is a tradition of northern Spain. My evidence is that it is held in Spain at a festival.
    People would want to do it again maybe for exercise or even if their bucket list says doing running with the bulls more than once or even if the got dare to do it again.

    The article is about millions of people that ran with bulls are chasing them. The manly do this because it’s a dare or even on a bucket list. I believe that the participants in the running with the bulls are crazy because they could die.


  3. Title: Running with the bulls

    Author: Kim Bilenberg

    SLIS: I believe that running with the bulls is crazy because you are risking your life when you do this and people are getting injured badly.

    Survey- running with the bulls, explosion, killed, fireworks, American, tripping and falling everywhere.

    Questions- why were people running with the bulls? How was the explosion of the fireworks started? Where did they run with the bulls? Who was tripping and falling everywhere

    Read- I think that the small detail that 15 people have been killed- tossed, gored and trampled since they event began in the city, is important. I think that the 28- year old engineer, who was there for a friends stag party was gored by a rampaging bull and knocked out cold is important.

    Recite- I think that people run with the bulls because the could do it for fun or for money. I think that the explosion was started from liquid that someone could of put in the fireworks. The people were killed because of the crazy bulls knocking the people over. The people ran into a circle and the others jump over a fence, while someone makes the bulls run into a certain place. The people and bulls were tripping and falling everywhere.

    Review- I believe that running with the bulls is cool but dangerous as well because if you are doing the running with bulls you are easily risking your own life.

    Author: Tahlia

  4. Title: I ran journal the bulls and I’d do it again.
    Author: Kim Bielenberg
    SL1S: People are running with bulls in a place in Spain.

    Key words: Pamplona, bovine stampede, engineer, Portobello and journalist.

    What does a journalist do?
    What is a bovine stampede?
    What country is Portobello in?
    Where is Pamplona?
    Who was an engineer?

    Main ideas:
    It starts with an explosion of fireworks and thousands of foolhardy men, and a few women,run like hell for there lives.
    The small detail that 15 people have been killed, tossed, gored and trampled since the event started in the city in northern Spain.

    Pamplona is in Spain on the edge of Spain near France.
    Portobello is in Spain.
    The 28 year old who was there for his friends stag party that got goring by a bull was an engineer.
    A journalist writes notes, but like a journal not a diary or dot points.
    A bovine stampede is just another way of saying stampede more powerful and interesting.

    I believe that a 28 year old was the engineer. I also believe that Pamplona and Portobello are both in Spain. I think a bovine stampede is just a stampede, and a journalist writes notes, but like a journal.

  5. Title: Running with the bulls – SQ3R
    Author: Kim Bielenberg
    S.L.1.S: This is about hundreds of men and women getting themselves in a near death situation by running as fast as possible away from a herd of raging bulls.
    1- 15 people killed.
    2- ‘It’s quite surreal’.
    3- Daredevil rampage.
    4- Bovine stampede.
    5- “It was mad enough, crazy enough for me to do it.”

    1- Who got killed?
    2- What part of risking your life, watching your friends and family being gored and killed is surreal?
    3- People obviously know they could die if they’re calling it a ‘daredevil rampage’, so why do it?
    4- Why would you purposely put yourself in a ‘bovine stampede’?
    5- Usually if something is ‘mad’ or ‘crazy’, you DON’T do it?
    1- 15 people have been killed, gored, tossed and trampled!
    2- Pamplona, North Spain.
    3- After the run into the ring, the bulls get slaughtered!
    4- In an average year as many as 300 people get injured!

    1- Many people have been seriously injured but not as many killed!
    2- He might think it’s surreal when he realises how dangerous it actually is compared to what he though.
    3- Maybe they think that if they going to die one day they might aswell die doing some exciting!
    4- They might run for the thrill and excitement off it!
    This is something that is unexplainable. They just unleash a deadly stampede of raging bulls on crazy, careless people! I think it’s stupid trying to risk your life for no reason! I think forcing the bulls to chase people is animal cruelty let alone slaughtering them afterwards! I don’t think the runners care how their friends and family would feel if they got seriously injured or died?

  6. SQ3R Running With The Bulls!

    Title: Running With The Bulls
    Author: Kim Bielenberg
    S.L.1.S: this article is about people in Spain who run for their life from the bulls until the people and the bulls get into the ring and some people get killed or get badly injured when they are running away from the bulls.

    I ran with the bulls, Northern Spain, Bovine stampede, Robert Thackaberry, 28year old, 1920s.

    Why do people run with the bulls?
    Why is running with the bulls a tradition now?
    Why did Robert Thackaberry join in the daredevil rampage?
    How did the 28year old get knocked out cold in the running with the bulls?

    The 28year old engineer, who was there for a friends stag party, was gored by a rampaging bull and was knocked out cold.
    15 people have been killed, tossed, gored and trampled.

    People run with the bulls because they want to tell everybody that they where very brave to run with the bulls or they want to say that they survived in the running with the bulls.
    It’s a tradition because its a way to get the bulls to the ring and now they think it is fun and they still do the challenge.
    Robert Thackaberry joined the daredevil rampage because he wanted to see what it would be like to run with the bulls.
    The 28year old got knocked out cold because a bull smashed into him when he was running away from the bulls.

    this article is about millions of people who are running with the bulls and they have to try to run for their life until the bulls get to the ring and I think that it is animal cruelty because if the bulls kill a person, the persons family might argue to the bull keeper to kill the bull and when the bulls get into the ring people slaughter the bulls.

    Author: Shani

  7. Title: running with the bulls
    Author: Kim Bielenberg
    Sl1S:people have been running with the bulls and have been tossed and gored but they want to do it again!


    How did they make the bulls go for one person?
    Why would people find this a fun thing to do ?
    How exactly did the bull kill some one?
    Have any other people died?

    People get tossed and gored for doing something that they might like but also extremely dangerous.

    Recite the bulls don’t go after one person there are 100 people and some are really unlucky.
    The bulls toss and gore the people and that’s how they die.
    No know other people have died only so far.

    This article is about some one that ran with the bull and got knocked out cold and wanted to do it again I believe that who ever wants to do this is very brave but dumb because it can kill you very fast.

  8. Tittle Running With The Bulls
    Author Kim Bielenberg
    SL1S this is about people that go to Spain and run across the street with bulls chasing them.

    Survey: risk of death. Charging along with the bulls. 15 people have been killed. You can feel the vibration of the bulls before you see them.

    Question: why would people do it and there risking there lives?
    Who would make a tradition that you have to run with the bulls?
    Why would they still have the tradition and it killed 15 people?
    How heavy would the bull have to be to make the grand vibrate?

    Read: 15 people died sines they did the bull chasing tradition. The bull chasing tradition is haled in northern Spain. It been a tradition sins the 14 century.

    Recite: I think they enter the bull chase to so they can feel fear or know how it is to be scared or there might be a reword for the people that make it because there’s so much people entering the the bull chase.

    I think they have this kind of tradition because they won’t to have something unusual and some never did before because know one has ever thought of it before for a tradition.

    I think they still have the tradition because people might wont to challenge them selves and see if they can survive the bull chase.

    I think that they vibrate the grown because the bulls are running on conceit and conceit is heavy and witch makes the grown vibrate. But if it was on grass it won’t vibrate because the grass is soft.

    Review: I think the bull chasing tradition would be fun but then you can get killed or get badly injured. I think this is animal cruelty because ones they get into the arena they get slotted. Now I think that this is a bad tradition because both humans and the bulls get kills. So there’s know point on having the tradition.

  9. Running with the bulls- SQ3R

    Title: I ran with the bulls and I’d do it again.

    Author: Kim Bielenberg

    SLIS: Dave is a man that ran with the bulls, injured himself but survived a dangerous activity.

    Explosions of firework
    Running with the bulls
    Tripping and falling everywhere

    We’re the explosions of firework representing the men’s success or was it representing the race?
    Why is the Spanish city blaming America for the bill racing in mid-July?
    Why would people have that kind of race if they know it is dangerous?
    What type of people keep on going to a race if they know that people are getting killed and that they are getting dangerously hurt?

    The amount of 300 people were injured and 15 people were killed in the past, running with the bulls. Lots of men were risking their lives to run with bulls but most of the, ended up getting dangerously injured.

    The firework explorations represent the start of the race. It was for the start of the race because people were really excited for the men that were running with the bulls.
    People do this race because it is a really popular race. It is a popular race because it has been a race since the 1300’s.

    The running with the bulls has been around since the 1300’s. Dave done running with the bulls and he hurt himself but he didn’t hurt himself as much as he thought he did. I think that the people that did the running with the bulls did it be us they are crazy or they might have done it because they want to find out different things about running with the bulls. My opinion with the bull racing is that it is very dangerous and that it is very interesting. It is dangerous because you can hurt yourself and it is interesting how people Re willing to risk their lives just for running with the bulls.

  10. Key words:

    Why would people play this event when there is a risk of death?
    Why would people put themselves into a position of a stampede?
    Why are the bulls on a rampage for?
    How could Dave humphreys get close enough to the bulls and survive without getting knocked out gored or killed?
    Why would people stay close or run after the bulls if they know they could get trampled or knocked out?
    Main ideas:
    It starts with an explosion of fireworks and of foolhardy men, and a few women, run like hell for their lives.
    The small detail is that fifteen people have been killed, gored, tossed and trampled-since the event started in the city of northern Spain.

    Recite: people would play the event because they want to see what bulls look like up really close. Some people want to feel bulls and see what it’s like touching it.
    People would run after the bulls and stay close to them because some people want to be famous and survive the bulls without being harmed or a friend dared them to stay near the bulls for a long period of time without getting slammed.

    This article is about letting the bulls out of their paddocks into the streets to do an eight hundred metre run for a human tradition. Everyone wears red white and orange to attract the bulls to them so they can keep on running. Some people get too close to the bulls and get gored killed or knocked out. I think that running with the bulls is frightening and I would be one of the people that went to the sides when the bull gets too close.

  11. SQ3R
    Title: Running with the bulls
    Author: Kim Bielenberg
    SL1S: Thousands of foolhardy men, and a few women, run like hell for their lives.

    1. Explosion of fireworks
    2. 15 killed
    3. Bulls
    4. Gored
    5. Battered
    6. Tossed
    7. Trampled
    8. Crazy
    9. Thousands participate each year.

    1. Why would people risk getting gored, tossed and trampled by these devilish cows?
    2. Why don’t people care if their families are worried sick and do not want them to compete in this stupid competition?
    3. How many bulls are in the competition?
    4. Are they crazy?
    5. Why would they greet a horrific compitetion to fireworks?

    Main Ideas
    People from, all over the world come to participate in this stupid pointless event.
    People that race think that by making it through they are really cool.

    People take the risk of getting gored battered and trampled to prove that they are cool and brave.
    I believe that people do it any way if their family wants them to do it or just to prove them wrong, also they could have made a bet with someone saying they have to do it.
    I am inferring that there is about 300 bulls running.
    Yes I honestly believe that they’re crazy to run with the bulls, for example why would people risked being killed and seriously injured.
    They greet the competition to fireworks because they think that it is very special.

    People run with the bulls because they think that it is special. Thousands of people run with 300 bulls each year. An average of 20 people die each year in this horrific competition. The completion is pointless and stupid.

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