The Melbourne Cricket Ground – Liverpool & Melbourne Victory

Melbourne is regarded as the sporting capital of the world because so much sport is played in the city and Victorians love to go watch it. The MCG is rated one of the best sporting stadiums in the world. Last night, over 95,000 people crammed into the MCG to watch one of the world’s most popular soccer teams play Melbourne Victory. The Liverpool FC are well supported all over the world and it was amazing to see the MCG blazed in red for the soccer match.

Even though it was only a practice match and Liverpool players have played in some huge matches in England and Europe, many of their players had never played in front of such a large crowd.

Prior to the game, the crowd sang Liverpool’s anthem (You’ll Never Walk Alone), which was an amazing spectacle. Liverpool won the match 2-0.

What would it be like to play sport in front of such a huge crowd?

How would the the players have felt?

Later in the year, as part of our camp, we will be visiting the MCG and having a guided tour of this famous arena.

2 thoughts on “The Melbourne Cricket Ground – Liverpool & Melbourne Victory

  1. I really think Melbourne Victory deserved to vs Liverpool because they always try there best and work as a team no mater what.

  2. To me it would just grand to be able to play in front of a gargantuan crowd in a different country in the world. I think the Liverpool players would be shocked to how much people there was supporting them even low they aren’t an Australian team and I think Melbourne victory would have felt not as good because a lot of people were supporting the opposite team that aren’t an Australian team. I would like to congratulate Liverpool FC on being able to have the time and effort to come to Australia and play soccer and I would also like to congratulate Melbourne victory for taking the time and effort to play against Liverpool FC in a practise match.

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