The Ned Show

Yesterday we watched the Ned Show. Ned stands for:
N = Never give up
E = Encourage others
D = Do your best

The yo-yo tricks were amazing. Yo-yos will be available to purchase from the decking at lunch times.

What did you learn from the Ned Show?



3 thoughts on “The Ned Show

  1. NED is a great performance expressly someone who come from america. its so cool how she can do all these tricks and not muck up. it must have taken a long time to practice all of the hard challenging tricks. I wish I could do all of the tricks. good job leghem for winning a free YOYO how cool is that you win a YOYO and a balloon HAT. thats cool how they are selling YOYOS 1st is $8.00 the 2nd is $15.00 the 3rd is $20.00. NED Stans for never gi e up incurige others and do your best.

  2. I believe everyone should use (NED) Never give up, encourage others and your best because it will help you to learn new things and it will help you be a active learner.

  3. I think everyone likes ned because he teachs new things and it also helps other people to repect others and always be nice and ned helps kids learn to Never give up, encourage others and try your best and I hope he keeps on coming back.

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