Today for maths you are going to work on fractions and will be able to understand the meaning of fractions.

*Write your own definition for fractions.
*Draw a circle and divide it into thirds. Discuss how this should look as a grade.

*Using coloured paper, you will need to cut 15 strips (cut very carefully and do not rush). Each strip MUST be 20cm long and 2cm wide. If your strips are not the right lengths and widths you will need to redo them.

*Your next step will be to divide you strips up into fractions. Make sure each fraction is the same (for example: when you make thirds, each third will be exactly the same size. You will need to make the following fractions with your strips:
– a whole
– halves
– thirds
– quarters
– sixths
– eights

*Once you have made these fractions you can have a go at making the following:

– fifths
– sevenths
– ninths
– tenths
– twelfths
Make sure you put your initials on the back of them so you don’t lose them and put them in a safe spot at the end of the session.