16 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. 100 word challenge

    One peaceful morning at 06.30 I woke up and saw that the house was empty. I looked out the window and saw my family walking towards something, I couldn’t see from the distance so I quickly got dressed and went out to catch up to them. I said, “Where are you going?” They said, “To see the big foot prints, it was too late last night so We went today.” I saw the foot print and I was in shock to see it. I said, “Did a big monster come here because it is like a big fat monster’s step.”

  2. One frightening and miserable morning, when the touch of the smooth and gentle wind brushed past me, I was horrified to see a gigantic footprint rush past my eyes, thinking where this monstrous beast came from.
    I could feel the warm tingle of blood stream through me. The footprint was as massive as a vicious grown dinosaur. The gigantic footprints were making my eyes surprisingly glare. Mystery was gliding past my cold nose, as I smell something awfully suspicious. I am shockingly curious like a spotty cheetah stalking its prey. It’s a terrifyingly suspicious mystery that I’ll disappointingly never know.

  3. The Monstrous Footprint

    I look down and see a monstrous footprint. Its twelve feet long. What could have caused this? My heart starts to beat incredibly fast as I realize that the monster is nowhere to be found. Suddenly I hear this deep breathing and a gigantic shadow appears in front of me blocking out the sunlight. My face turns pale as I know that the terrifying monster is right behind me. I turn around to face this monstrosity. It roars in my face blowing me off my feet. The footsteps make me jump up and down like an egg on a trampoline.

    By Logan Flynn Of 5/6A

  4. The giant foot-print
    As I walked on the dry deserted desert, I saw a giant foot print. I thought I was just seeing things, but I wasn’t. I thought that I could share it with people around the world by taking a photo of my discovery and myself. When I saw the picture I discovered something else. There was something huge walking in the distance. I looked out in the distance and I couldn’t believe it. I saw a giant creature. I saw more foot prints so I decided to follow the exciting foot-prints to see where it would take me.

    By Brittney

  5. One day a gigantic thunderous sound came out of nowhere and it felt like an earthquake. I begin to feel anxious as I begin to start searching what had caused the sound and what has happened. When I got to the beach I saw a massive pair of footsteps and I start to wonder if giants exist or something because I’ve seen nothing this huge in my life. I begin to feel if I’m just a miniature person or not. But then I hear more footsteps on another side of the island. I start to feel petrified.

  6. The Massive footprint

    I am just spending all my time absorbing this extremely gargantuan footprint in the astonishing sand trying to figure out what spectacular object could have done this substantial footprint. I remarkably feel like a colossal giant has come to our wonderful Earth. Surprisingly, I don’t smell or taste anything… that is not right, I taste and smell absolutely nothing whatsoever. I just hear the peaceful sand magnificently scaping on the other miniature bits and pieces of sand.

    Author: Reece Watson

  7. Big foots: Big foot

    I see a whole crowd surrounding the humungous thing, staring at its massive foot print. People are screaming uncontrollably in fear. It seems like it’s the star of a show, attracting more people coming and gathering around the giant feet. It might feel as if it is a movie character being the most attractive character. The size of the gigantic feet is as large as two elephants. Where has this creature gone? Are we in danger? What is going to happen with the creature and us people? What is going to happen after all of this?

    Author: Nyetap

  8. The big foot
    In the cold misty morning, when the sky was dull, I went outside in to the nice soft sand I saw a huge foot print and wondered how it got there. I start to follow the path of huge prints, it comes to an end. I turn back hoping it is not going to follow me. I go back to my spectacular house and wait. The night past and I have saw nothing I go back out side to check if they’re still there. I don’t see them.
    Author: Loki

  9. I wonder who has this big horrible footprint that scared me lots when I saw it.
    I feel really scared when I saw the big terrible footprint in front of me. I didn’t see someone with this footprint before and when I saw it my body was frightened.
    I don’t know where the footprint come from because no one has a footprint this big. If a person in this world had that footprint, he will not have any shoes to wear.
    I wonder who made this footprint because it doesn’t look like a normal persons footprint. It looks really big.
    Nyanom: L.R

  10. 100 word challenge
    As I walked along the beautiful beach I heard a thunderous roar like nothing I’ve heard before. I try to ignore it and continue walking but I see a huge footprint. It’s gigantic! I first think someone dug it out, and then I remember the roar… Are giants real?
    I hear something that resembles the sound of gunshots, and I almost fall over. The ground’s shaking, I notice something in the corner of my eye and I look over to it. It’s something massive diving into the ocean as several helicopters hover above it… What’s going on?
    Author: Zach

  11. BIG-FOOT!
    There in font of me a jay gauntly big foot print wearied that the monstrous monster is stile lurking somewhere franticly run to be un seen. Hidden somewhere no human has been before or just ghostly spooked. I’m wondering how big is the tariffing beast. I wonder if if people seen cine of the monster and if it is a flesh eater. As the rohr of the beast travels past my ears I start to feel scared and anchors wondering if his angry and coming to words me. But there no where to go.

    Author: Guguei

  12. The giant foot print

    I see a whole crowd of footsteps in front and behind me, I wonder who had made the giant footprints, I looked around myself and I heard some really unusual noises. I saw a really big thing drop from the sky, it landed with a huge thump from the sand, and I slowly walked around it and noticed it was a shark BUT it had feet and it was horribly UGLY it looked like a really slimy green alien. I ran away as fast as I possibly could, and I never came back to the beach again.

    By Tahlia MacRae


    One morning I saw a giant sea monster with human feet. I run outside and it starts to chase me. The monster’s chasing me because it wants to eat me and I’m terrified because the monsters going to kill me. I see my cheese burger in my pocket and I thought for a minute maybe the monster wants my burger. The monster ate my burger but I was still running and thinking is the monster chasing me anymore. The monster is scrambling back to the salty blue water. All I saw left was his human foot prints in the sand.

    Author: Shani

  14. Big Foot!
    The sound of people stepping on the sand worries me as I sand next to a massive foot. I wonder what made this foot and can it fly? I am as worried as a mum worrying where her child is. The sound of people screaming makes me wonder if want made the foot is coming towards us. I wonder I anyone draw it to scare people?
    Author: Chloe

    As I walk along the footprints of a creature on the sandy floors, I become nervous. I am terrified this monster might come out any time. But all of a sudden there is a treacherous noise upon me and fellow friends stand inside the foot prints of big foot. The noise is sort of a sound like……… a girl is screaming for help! It came from the bushes. Someone needed to frantically go and save her… no one goes to help apart from this one brave man. He rushes over to the bushes only to discover The Big Foot…

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