Look and learn task

Choose one of the following pictures and complete the following tasks. Make sure you are very descriptive in your writing.

– Explain what you see and hear.
– What would it be like to be in this situation?

Think about writing a 100 word challenge for one of these pictures.



13 thoughts on “Look and learn task

  1. The Train

    I am riding on top of a train because there’re no more seats on the train. The next one will take at least a couple of hours to get here and I don’t want to wait that long. Suddenly the train starts to move, we are going 150 kilometres per hour in about 10 seconds. Then I see a bridge. The bridge is barely taller than the train. I can see it 1 kilometre away and we are closing in fast.

    By Logan Flynn of 5/6 A

  2. The River

    I am quietly canoeing by myself in a river. I say to myself “Ahh, what a beautiful day.” “It is perfect for playing sport and going canoeing.” I suddenly pass a sign that I don’t get to read. But it says “Danger Waterfall Ahead Please Turn Left to Prevent Any Injury.” I come to two passages. I think that I should try going right. But after a while I hear lots of water running. I knew that it was a waterfall.

    Logan of 5/6 A

  3. The rushing breeze of the powerful wind is incredibly blocking my ears. Everybody is horribly talking and chattering. The engine of the train is roaring as it is furiously rushing. People are screaming in terrible pain because they miserably hate being on the train. Some people are quiet as they are happily used to being on this awful train. Everyone was looking at me in silence and it’s also making me frightened. I’m looking through my mind thinking “what’s all the mystery behind this?” Everybody who’s horribly on the side of the train and is about to fall off is making me terribly tear up. I miserably can’t see everything that’s going on as the train’s too fast.
    To be in this disgraceful situation, I would terribly scream as if I was dying. I would do my very best to escape from this, if there was any possible way. I would scream for help, and awfully scream “can anyone stop this train?” but if it wasn’t as dangerous as it shockingly looks; I’d sit there and enjoy the ride. If I were in this disgraceful situation, then I wouldn’t stand up, instead I would sit down and actually be paranoid of myself falling off. I would sit there, and negatively not say a single word at all.

  4. I think that you shouldn’t sit on top of a train and if you hit a tunnel at full speed you can die from sitting on the trains.

  5. As I’m at the train station waiting for a train there is hundreds of people on the other side of me and most of them are reckless and are on the train tracks! As more people come up to get a train the commotion gets noisier and noisier it felt like my ears were going to burst off. Most people on the other side looked like they were getting shoved out of the way by some people to try to get to the front. When I started to talk to someone a sudden train flew straight through like it was an express I quickly covered my ears as the train was the worst sound out of everything that was happening. Everyone backed away as the high wind speed of the train made them go off their feet and fly away like they were feathers. I see this type of situation a lot in my country because everyone is poor and can’t afford train tickets so they go on top of the roof instead so they are risking their life. Anything could happen such as if the train takes a slight turn then residents could slide off and die.

  6. During another regular day at the train station, as the sun was going down and everyone was trying to go home, hundreds of people were waiting carelessly for a train. People were everywhere, hundreds of metres down and it was still unbelievably packed. Some people were pushing and shoving; some people were shouting and swearing. It was so full some people even had to stand on the tracks! There was no knowing when a train was coming, except a faint horn sound in the distance. You could be standing there talking to someone, and next thing you know, your ears are screaming from the noise and you get thrown to the ground by the force of the wind coming off a train zooming past with completely full carriages and another few hundred people sitting on the roof! I feel scared because you never know who could be in the crowd. Most poor people have to live by stealing things so never let any of your things go out of site! My nose is burning from all the rotten rubbish lying around. I feel as if I’m about to go deaf over everyone screaming and shouting let alone the trains flying past at extreme speeds! My whole body is aching from everyone bumping and shoving me, my mouth is dry and my stomach is completely empty, I haven’t eating or had a drink for 9 hours, which feels like 2 weeks. I’ve been standing here for so long now; I can’t even recall the last train. For a moment I think a train has broken down or something, I look down the tracks then seem like a never-ending road of nothing. I close my eyes and can feel the ground slightly rumble and hear a faint sound in the distance. For a moment I think I’m dreaming, and then I open my eyes and see everyone sprinting towards a train that’s slowly rolling towards us. I make sure I have all my things and run like crazy towards it, carelessly pushing my way through people towards the train. The doors open and I instantly jump on. I’m first so I can pick my seat, the trains empty. Well, for a second or two anyways. Before I even sat down the train was already full, I look out my window and see people banging and throwing things and the train. I can also see several pairs of shoes dangling off from the roof… we start rolling and I faintly rest my eyes and my body, all of the sudden I feel the train slow down and I quickly jump up and see this is my stop. I must have fallen asleep! I jump off the train and take the long walk home. I get there at last. Home sweet home!

    Author: Zach

  7. The river
    – Explain what you can see and hear.
    I can see a whole heap of trees crowded around me, they are in my way to get out of this place and the weather is amazing but these trees keep on swaying in the wind. I see some same trees and some big trees, I see cliffs on the edge and trees grown on top if the cliffs. We are the only ones there so all we can see is water and us. We slowly glide through the water and watch the beautiful waves drift past us. I hear the birds and waves, making there noises.

    – What would it be like to be in this situation?
    It would be fun and scary at then same time because its scary to be around a lot of trees because they can easily fall on top of you or block off your way to get out of the water. It would be fun because you would just be by yourself and it would be really silent, except for the birds if there would be some near by. But the rushing breeze would be amazingly blocking my ears. I magically find my way out of the river way and watch the view behind me of all the trees and wetland!

    By Tahlia

  8. I walked into the big area with a lot of people at the place, I realised it was the train station, and a powerful mind blowing train zoomed past with the loudest horn on Earth. I looked at my tickets and I had to get onto the train as fast as I could I hopped onto the train but there was NO room because of that I had to sit on the to of huge train,the train started to move and I looked ahead and saw a small tunnel coming ahead, SMASH, BANG, BOOM, ARGH people splatted up the walls with a mighty scream and fell off the top of he train onto the train tracks, but I was vibrating and then I saw this black thing coming closet and closer…… THEN SLAM
    By Tahlia

  9. The river
    I think that people shouldn’t go underneath trees incase a storm comes because the trees can fall over onto the people and snap the boat and there might be sharks are in the water.

  10. I am riding on top of a train ready to go home and i was siting on top of train because there’re no more seats to sit on because the train was feet of people . And I can’t wait for the next train because the next train will take at least a couple of long like hours to get here. and I don’t want to wait that long. Suddenly and when the train starts to move, and some of us were fell down because they were not mover seats to sit on. And when we was going down everyone was trying to go off to go home, quickly because hundreds of people were waiting to carelessly for a train. People were everywhere, hundreds of metres down and it was still packed some people were pushing and hugging to each other like they gone fight.

  11. To me this image is quite weird. How did they get the boat down there? How did they get down there? Does the deep hole have an opening in the inside of the hole? How was the hole built? Was it by asteroid? Was it man made? Why is the water that colour? Really I have no idea about anything about the image except for that there is an underground lake and that people are riding in a boat in the lake.

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