Logan’s Big Foot 100 Word Challenge

The Monstrous Footprint

I look down and see a monstrous footprint. Its twelve feet long. What could have caused this? My heart starts to beat incredibly fast as I realize that the monster is nowhere to be found. Suddenly I hear this deep breathing and a gigantic shadow appears in front of me blocking out the sunlight. My face turns pale as I know that the terrifying monster is right behind me. I turn around to face this monstrosity. It roars in my face blowing me off my feet. The footsteps make me jump up and down like an egg on a trampoline.

By Logan 5/6A

3 thoughts on “Logan’s Big Foot 100 Word Challenge

  1. I enjoyed reading your 100WC Logan, I thought it was a very creative idea to bring the giant into your story without actually allowing the reader to see it first. I think that definitely added to the tension and then when he does appear he appears in shadow!! Yet more tension! Very clever and a good sign of an effective writer who is beginning to think of ways to keep their audience engaged. Plenty of ambitious vocabulary here too and the simile at the end was another clever choice. Keep up the good work, I will certainly watch out for any of your future writing.

  2. Great job Logan! I enjoyed that you put in a great simile on the end, because you we’re comparing you and an egg on a trampoline. I also enjoyed that you put in great emotive words plus adjectives to make your piece of writing better. Next time you maybe could’ve put in a tiny bit more emotive words.

  3. Well done longan! I really liked reading your 100 word challenge, it was fantastic and I foudescriptive work really excetllen I think that the hard work that you had put onto your one word challenge is really amazing. Wounderfull languish You have really great similes that are in your piece. Well done

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