Zach’s Big Foot 100 Word Challenge

As I walked along the beautiful beach I heard a thunderous roar like nothing I’ve heard before. I try to ignore it and continue walking but I see a huge footprint. It’s gigantic! I first think someone dug it out, and then I remember the roar… Are giants real?
I hear something that resembles the sound of gunshots, and I almost fall over. The ground’s shaking, I notice something in the corner of my eye and I look over to it. It’s something massive diving into the ocean as several helicopters hover above it… What’s going on?
Author: Zach

4 thoughts on “Zach’s Big Foot 100 Word Challenge

  1. Great writing, Zach!
    You build up the story very well with lots of excellent language. I liked ‘thunderous’ and ‘resembles’ in particular.
    It might be best not to mix the past and present tense next time.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Zach, I found your piece really fascinating and that you put really great vocabulary and descriptive words in your writing piece. I think that you should make that piece into a story and that you should use that piece in your writer’s gift. If you added more words and descriptive words you could be able to enter it in the five hundred word challenge because that would be really amazing and you could have a really great chance of winning the 500 dollars from the 500. I think that your story could be one piece in the 500 word challenge.

  3. Well done Zach! I liked how you used lots of adjectives and synonyms to replace boring words. I also love how you described everything and put a picture in my head. One little thing you could improve on is make sure you have the past/present tense always the same for your whole piece of writing.

  4. Well done zach you done great your job on your one 100 word challenge, I thought it was fantastic and I found the descriptive work really fantastic. It is really amazing. You have really great Language On your work. Well done

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