100 Word Challenge

This week you have a new 100 word challenge.

Your writing prompt is … as the train entered the tunnel ….

You must use the prompt in your writing.

Unpack a seed in your writers’ notebook before writing a draft on the computers. Published pieces will be posted underneath this post and the grade will choose three pieces to go onto the 100 word challenge web site.

Remember your writing must be engaging, include lots of powerful language (similes, complex sentences, adjectives, emotive words, snapshots and synonyms) and use correct grammar.

16 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. Reblogged this on Our Global Classroom and commented:
    5/6J hear is a reminder thanks to Mr Andrew that this fortnights 100 word challenge is up on the website and ready for you to prepare on and present on your personal blogs. Good Luck!!!!

  2. As the train entered the tunnel
    One beautiful morning, I sat on the train to get to my important meeting, hoping I wouldn’t be late. My heart was beating as fast as a sprinting cheetah. I wonder to myself will I make it to my meeting on time as the speeding train starts slowing down. As the train entered the huge tunnel it started to rattle. What’s happening? Everyone just froze like they knew something devastating was about to happen.
    Author: Chloe Holmes

    1. Great comment Chloe,
      The 2 things that you did good was you left some suspense and to me as I read your work I heard a simile, but the thing that you didn’t do as well was you didn’t put much powerful language into your writing.

  3. One early morning as I got on the train I could see that there was a huge tunnel. As we entered it it was actually small. The track was off and it was high off the ground I told every one and I screamed. I quickly ran to the front of the fast bullet train. I jumped to the red lever but the train was too fast. I went flying all the way to the back of the train and when I hit the wall it hurt me enormously. IT WAS TOO LATE TO SAVE ANYBODY!!
    The end.
    Author: Bailey.Randall to save the train.
    The end.
    Author: Bailey.Randall

  4. The Tunnel!
    People are playing on their iPads and talking on their mobile phones when the lights starts to flicker. The train enters the old broken down tunnel. Everyone vanishes! The train is very dull and quiet. I look out the window and see something. I see sparks coming off something! I try to open the door but I find that the power is down. The carriage is filled with darkness. The door opens. I sprint and try to get out. Someone grabs me and startles me. I fall to the ground. I get thrown off the train as it rattles along the tracks!
    Author: Loki

  5. title: Don’t Enter The Tunnel

    Yesterday, as I was wandering through the extremely stunning forest collecting apples for my amazingly handsome father so he could make his delightful apple pie, I spotted someone walking into a tunnel with a cart filled with what looked like frightening and ferocious EXPLOSIVES! I decided to hide and spy on this unidentified person, as I was thinking who the mysterious person was, I heard something. I thought to myself I think it’s a TRAIN! As the gargantuan train entered the dangerous tunnel I think to myself everyone in the enormous train is doomed forever.

    Author: Reece W

  6. The Tunnel
    I can sense something is wrong… As the train entered the dark tunnel, no-one could hear anything except the constant clattering from the train. We were going faster and faster as the train seemed like it was travelling out of control. Passengers were panicking, screaming with fear and holding on to the bars in the carriage so they don’t lose their balance. The carriage is shaking like a massive earthquake as I feel the train suddenly derail and darkness overtakes. I hold my breath and hope for the best as I hear the train begin to crash into the side of the tunnel.
    By Tahlia

  7. Danger
    I see animals running around and cars driving next to us and people and kids on the train talking to their friends. We see wonderful places with people talking and the powerful train travelling along. Suddenly people are running like chickens with no heads! I feel horrified, frightened and shocked because the train’s wheel was coming off. As we entered the tunnel the wheel came off and the train came to a stop at a town. Everyone ran off the train. I was the first one to get off and when I stopped everyone ran fast to the town.
    Author: Cody Mac

  8. The mysterious train
    As I casually drive along the dark and mysterious tunnel, the mists of the awful grey clouds pass by me. I’m sensing a mysterious vibration, while my pumping heart is furiously racing.
    A beam of yellow and bright lights are glaring at me. As the old train entered the frightening tunnel, I see something disgracefully wrong with it. The monstrous train is crashing. Yellow sparks fly out from the rails. Suddenly, the rotten train stops in a heaped mess.
    I smash through the train’s windows like I’m on an action movie trying to save anyone I can. I’m confused and don’t know what to do as people are screaming and panicking.

  9. The strange tunnel.

    I could sense something was wrong, as the train entered the terrifying tunnel, the light started flickering. Soon we were in complete darkness and screaming spread through the speeding train. Suddenly the train stopped in horror. The train was silent. Everybody has mysteriously disappeared. The light switched on. People have gone, items dropped to the floor, everything was silent. I feel petrified about the unnatural animals and freaky sounds that are surrounding me. The frightening tunnel felt like I was stranded in a jungle island.
    Author: Nyetap

  10. Ghost Train
    The railroad switch makes a clunk as it directs the train towards the scary tunnel. The carriages shake wildly like we just had an earthquake. What’s happening?… I glance out the window and we’re moving so fast I can’t even tell where we are. The speakers start making weird noises and the lights start flickering. As the train entered the tunnel everything went silent and dark. People start screaming, something is heading towards us. Another train… I’m so shocked I can’t even move. I just close my eyes and accept my death. Seconds go by until I hear a loud buzzing noise… That’s when I wake up in my warm bed.

    Author: Zach

  11. The Mysterious Cursed Tunnel.
    One summer’s evening, I went onto a train normally like every other train I have been on before. There was too much music, laughter and too much conversations, it just didn’t feel normal. As the train entered a tunnel, lights started to flicker. The train started to sway as if it was going to derail. Suddenly I started to see ghosts look at me horrifically and they quickly disappeared as I looked at them. Finally when the train came out of the tunnel I looked around me. Everyone had disappeared! Was all this an illusion I was seeing?


  12. On the evening when my family having little talking I went into the train that I had never been in before and so i was so excited so I know nothing was going to happen like other train that I went in before. And when I went inside the train I was siting next noisy kids that talk so loud. so i can’t feel the train starting to sway like it was going to derail, because the kids was talking loud. So I couldn’t hear what going so the train took me in the place that I did’t been into before it was so beautiful and warm it had beauty wonderful flowers and it have lonys one full trees around it. But I don’t want to stay in that place because I,will miss my family and friends, and my family does’t know where I am going because I did’t tell them where I go when they was at meeting. And I don’t have phone to called them with it because I forgot everything at home because when i saw the because train that i did’t been in before and see before I was excited to see it so I forgot everything that I can help myself with at home.

  13. The supernatural tunnel

    As my friend and I were crossing the bridge with a basket of eggs we heard something out of nowhere… It was a song! ”Ring a ring around the cauldron with a bucket full of oil, a tissue a tissue you all fall in.” We went down to check it out, my friend thought it was some teenagers being stupid. So she went in. Something was under the bridge. Someone was pulling her in so I grabbed her arm and pulled her out rapidly. We decided to drop one of the soft eggs on the tracks. When we dropped it, a wrinklie hand rushed out grabbing the egg, but as the train entered the tunnel…….

    By Brittney

  14. The death trap ride!
    The train is entering the death trap tunnel. I am in the horrifying train and there is terrifyingly a sudden stop in the horrifying train. I want to make the driver stop but the driver is shot…But there is no bullet I was going to leave but there was a difficult evil lough it was the driver…BAM…I felt like that I am not going home…because I will be in the grave yard…but I come out of the ground…I start to scream…I am EVIL…MWAHAAHAA!

  15. Doomed

    On an exotic and peaceful Wednesday I have to take a train to Melbourne to get my wooden tennis racket that I got singed by Rod Laver and Roger Federer.
    I have to take the train because my car is being serviced. I start to doze off as the train entered the tunnel. Suddenly out of nowhere something explodes on the train and I am thrown of my feet by the shock wave of the explosion. Everyone else has been evacuated, but I am trapped by a heavy piece of metal stuck on my leg, a bomb suddenly appears from the train floor. I have 5 seconds before the bomb explodes.

    Author: Logan Flynn of 5/6 A

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