‘Donkeys Don’t Fly On Planes’ is a group of stories told by refugee children from Sudan who are now living in Gippsland. There are many amazing stories within the book and the students were very proud when their book was published.

The book has so far raised over $7,000, with proceeds from the book sales going directly to BOCEP, to support children who have been victims of war in South Sudan.  ‘Donkeys Don’t Fly On Planes’ has gone to almost every corner of Australia… and beyond! Some copies are now in China, America, South Sudan and Nairobi.

Guguei, Nyetap and Nyanom shared their stories in the book and they are all part of 5/6A at Liddiard Road Primary School.

Hazelwood North Primary School students are going to ask some questions to our three students, who will then respond to the questions.