Look and learn task: Bushfires

Look carefully at the image and describe answers to the following questions/tasks.

– Describe how this bushfire may have started.
– What damage could this bushfire do to the environment?
– How could this bushfire affect humans?
– Could this bushfire help the environment? Why/Why not?


6 thoughts on “Look and learn task: Bushfires

    Bushfires can be started by people lighting because when they have a bomb fire it could grab hold of the grass and it can spread or lightening because it might strike the tree or something that is electrical and it could blow up right next to a tree and then the tree could catch on fire or the sun could get so hot that it makes the grass catch on fire then spreads on to trees then it keeps repeating over and over again.
    It can make damage to nature life and it can affect people that might live in the forest and it can get to their house and they have no way of escaping the house.
    It’s just like a circle of fire that is coming right for you and you have no way of getting out. It can affect how nature grows.
    They could have a house on a farm or in the forest and the
    Trees could catch on fire or if you have something that could catch on fire I could blow up and your house could possibly catch on fire.
    YES and NO it can help us to chop down trees for paper and it can help us for when the summer comes and we don’t have as much fires. No because it can DESTROY animals nature or habitat.

  2. – Describe how this bushfire may have started: This bushfire may have started in multiple ways such as lightning strikes hitting the trees, stupid people can light it on purpose, but sometimes campfires and things like that can catch onto something and get out of control.
    – What damage could this bushfire do to the environment? The bushfire fire could burn down a wide range of animals’ habitats and also seriously injure or kill the animals. It could also affect humans in many different ways, like droughts, loss of crops and farm animals that produce some farmers’ food and money. Fires can still burn down many houses, buildings and destroy precious, loved and needed things! Fires also release smoke (pollution), which itself can kill hundreds of people and animals. The smoke can also assist global warming and climate change, causing more severe natural disasters, resulting in more deaths to people as well as animals and destroying homes and habitats.
    – Could this bushfire help the environment? Why/Why not? Some bushes have over grown and need to be burnt off so new trees, bushes and grass can grow, also allowing wild animals to find food much easier, being able to protect their family easier and providing newer, better shelter.

  3. This bushfire could’ve been started by lightning striking onto a tree. The bushfire could’ve been caused by a campfire like if the person wasn’t watching what was going on. Another reason this bushfire could have been started is that someone didn’t care what he was doing and lit the fire with a lighter. My last reason is nature could have caused it because when the grass grows too tall and everything is ancient then nature could make a bushfire to make things regrow.
    This bushfire could affect the environment in a variety of ways such as killing too much animals or burning habitats so birds’ nests and their eggs would be destroyed. It affects the environment because animals would have to move to a new homeland where they are going to be safe and hope that another bushfire won’t be caused around that area.
    This bushfire can affect humans as well because if the fire spreads too far then it can reach homes and villages that are in the bush. It affects humans because if it burns up farmers crops then people won’t have any food to eat so they starve and eventually will die. Another reason this bushfire could’ve affected humans is that human lives could’ve been scarred for life by a burn they could’ve just been burnt to death.
    This bushfire could’ve helped the environment because when all the trees become ancient and the grass is too tall nature likes to clean the environment by creating a bush fire so it can make things regrow again. It helps the environment because if the grass got too dry then it can make new fresh clean grass.

  4. Bushfires can be started by many ways. Lightning storms can cause these devastating disasters because the lightning bolt comes and hits the tree, causing a very big fire to spread. People can accidentally leave on camp fires, and then when they leave, the fire starts to spread because the wind could push it along the ground. Sometimes people throw matches just to be silly, but then the fire could suddenly become bigger than they would’ve thought, and start to spread. Sometimes global warming (caused by humans) could affect it, because when it gets too got, wood/trees start to burn down. Sometimes when a campfire is too big, the tree could burn and create on giant isolated fire, because the fire could reach up and burn the leaves, which would eventually spread.
    This could take a lot of affect for the environment. Fires can burn down buildings and kill animals. We need animals because they can be used as pets, and without pets, you’d feel very lonely. If we don’t have much cows, than we can’t produce much milk. If we get rid of meat, then we won’t have anything to eat, and we wouldn’t be able to have many vitamins. If we didn’t have any animals, then we wouldn’t be able to have any amazing animals to look at. Bushfires can also affect humans. If we don’t have many humans, than the world’s population would get lower. They are important because we need houses and money, but if we didn’t have many people, than we’d not get very much of it. We need people because they create new technology, and it helps us to communicate and have things to do when we’re bored. Bushfires also affect nature. Without nature, we wouldn’t be able to make food with the seeds and leaves that plants have. With plants, they make your garden/house look more welcoming. Bushfires affect our community because it can easily spread through the city. We need our community to live, or then we’ll be very cold and not safe. We need our community because there is nothing else we can rely on. Our community is important because it’s full of working people,that make it more enjoyable, and more welcoming.
    This bushfire can affect humans because they are important to have as friends. Without friends, we would feel very lonely and have nothing to do. We need constructors because without houses or buildings, we wouldn’t have anywhere to stay warm, or stay safe. It affects the way the community runs, because our community is full of workers that make this community better. We need humans to create new products, or than this world would be very dull. It affects us because we need people to help entertain us, but if that bushfire affected all of us, than there would be no one to make us happy.
    Yes this bushfire could help the environment. If there’s bushfires near trees, it can get rid of all of the old and dirty trees, and starts fresh with new trees growing everywhere. If there’s old plants that have been there for years, bushfires could help get rid of those old and dried out plants, and start fresh with new and fantastic looking plants. It can help if there’s some sort of poisonous tree because then the bushfire would create a new tree that’s not poisonous. Sometimes there’s a plant that looks unwelcoming, but then when a bushfire spreads onto the plants, it help it look more welcoming. It can help forests because if there’s heaps of debris on the ground, the fire burns it down and starts a new ground. The only reasons why they’re not good, is because it can kill humans, it can burn down really famous trees/ trees we need and it can create even more debris.

  5. -Describe how this bushfire may have started?
    Some won may have lit the tree on fire and ran off and thought they put it out but it restarted and the weather could have been boiling hot and started a leaf on fire and then the whole entire tree on fire.
    -What could this bushfire do to the environment?
    It would probably destroy the habitats of animals destroy more trees and birds and flying animals need them and some people’s farm’s around the area could be destroyed.
    -How could this bushfire affect humans?
    Well they will destroy the trees and then we can’t breathe and the trees could fall at any minute and the trees could land on the person.
    -Could this bushfire help the environment why /why not?
    The fire will help but it won’t so both because the trees will fall and we need that so we can plant more trees and the other reason is that the habitats are getting destroyed and smashing houses with people inside.

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