5 thoughts on “Synthesising Wheel – Dangers of oil spills

  1. Oil spills are a toxic substance that generates cars and other transport. If this substance gets into the water it can harm under water creatures. When the oil gets into the ocean it floats and this is a problem because the sea creatures get harmed. Engine oil can run of the land from our cars into the ocean. Oil can be in the air from fossil fuels. Oil can kill plants in the underwater land by it just spreading. Sea birds are the most effected to the oil because it gets in their feathers so they can’t fly. If an animal eats an animal that is affected by the oil can get seriously sick. Plankton can get ill because they float on the water and so does the oil. If plankton go to extinction the small fish will not have anything to eat then the big fish don’t eat we won’t get to eat fish it goes in a big cycle. In my opinion if we keep on allowing oil to spread all sea life will go to extinction because for example whale need to breath so often so they will die if the oil gets into their blow hole.

  2. My thoughts before I read the text. Oil spills are extremely lethal and dangerous. Oil spills kill billions of sea creatures in just one oil spill. Oil Spills are lethal to humans and can kill them. If humans swallow some oil they would become extremely sick and could even die. Oil spills also affect the environment. Even a little bit of oil in the environment can take a long time to regenerate. For example, when oil smothers a plant the plant starts to die because of the things that are in the oil like, we extract oil out of fossil fuels. Oil spills occur when, people making mistakes or being careless, equipment breaking down, natural disasters such as hurricanes.
    Deliberate acts by terrorists, countries at war, vandals, or illegal dumpers. Oil spills are usually 200,000 gallons (600,000 Litters) of oil. My thoughts after reading the text. A small amount of oil in the ocean can harm millions when the fish swim through it. Plankton are little fish. Trillions of fish feed on plankton. And when a bigger fish then plankton comes along and starts eating them they become infected as well. Then a bigger fish then the one that ate the plankton eat him and gets infected. Then when a fish gets caught by people who supplies fish to a restaurant they would be giving fish to a restaurant that is infected with oil, and when people eat the fish they can become seriously sick and could die from oil poisoning because the people who caught the fish didn’t check for the oil in the fish. Even though oil floats on top of the water fish swim through that and get infected, thus poisoning trillions of other fish, making sea life in that area and other areas infected, sick and close to death. In conclusion oil spills are extremely lethal and deadly.

    Thinking Before Reading: I think this book is going to be about people that are killing people, dying and spreading rumours because the title I’d deadly rumours, it has deadly which could mean dying or killing and it has rumours which could mean spreading rumours.

    Thinking During Reading: I believe the author is trying to persuade the reader that riding bikes is better than driving cars for example: when your riding a bike you can feel the nature and wind blowing in your face and it gives you exercise and when your driving a car you don’t feel any wind or freedom and you don’t get any exercise. I wonder if her family has moved to a new town because in the sentence she said her parents will be unpacking till next Christmas. As I see it the girls family has moved to a ver hot place because she is wearing a singlet and short shorts and she said that she is sweating like a dog.

    Thinking After Reading: My opinion is that the girl in the book is a writer because she was persuading the reader that riding bikes is better than driving cars, she says a lot of powerful words and she describes what items she looks at like after she washed her hair she made me picture it in my head what it would look like.

    In the morning I went to the beach that was near the volcano. The ground started to shake. I saw the hot lava burst out of the massive volcano and the lava rushing towards me. I could hear the volcano scream as the lava explodes out and the pyroclastic speeding faster than a cheetah. I wonder how the volcano even started because the scientists said that there wasn’t going to be a volcano eruption until 2056. As I was racing away from the volcano the pyroclastic burnt me, I smashed to the hard ground and suddenly I heard a crack……
    Author: Shani

  5. Zac power feels so betrayed because his brother Leon was telling the chef of GIB where zac was going because his under arrest for steling valuable object in the GIB headquarters and he need the object to help him rescue he’s grandad from the dark side of the mon where the BIG are. I think that his brother is letting him know that the GIB police is hear and to go right now. I think zac is so angry because know one is going to help him during the kidnap of his grandad. I think Zac feels sow scared because there a lot of people without space suits charging at him. I thing Zac realised that the people without space sits are holograms and the Zac bot is standing behind the holograms. The Zac bot came towards him knocked him out. It think Zac is feeling worried if some thing is going to harm him.

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