30/8/2013 Inquiry Expectations

Today you must:

– Complete a seed on your topic, which will be turned into an information report draft and then published as a glogster. You should aim to have your information report drafted by recess and the glogster finished be lunch time. If your draft has not been completed by recess you will need to stay in and complete it.

– Finish off your published mind-map using a laptop or iPad. This should have already been finished. If it’s not completed by recess you will be staying in and finishing it.

– Set up a wix account for your group at http://www.wix.com and begin to construct your web-site. Don’t start the wix until you have completed your information report. Be as creative as possible. Your wix should have at least four pages, include information about your topic, have pictures and videos.

– Begin your Windows Live Movie. Once again, do not start this until you have completed your information report. Your group needs to discuss what you want to do with your video in your conference with Mr Andrew.

– Have a conference with Mr. Andrew.

– Begin designing your science experiment.



– Use some of the videos on https://mraclassroom.wordpress.com to assist you.

– Record your ongoing bibliography in kidblog.

– Post photos for your movie and information report to kid blog.


– Reflect

One thought on “30/8/2013 Inquiry Expectations

  1. My thinking before: I think that the book is about what Australia was like when the English came on Australian land and claimd it.This book is like horrible histories,but the horrible histories books do not have Australia in the collection. I also think that the book is about how the aboriginals interacted with the English. My thinking during: The colonies in Australia had been in trouble all though the 1840’s farmers had borrowed too much money to buy too many sheep and cattle. When the price of wool and wheat went down in Europe many farmers went broke.Edward Harges was an Australian man who led a small group of miners to the Californian gold rush in 1845. My thinking after: People in the 1870’s were looking for gold in creeks and rivers, but Edward Harges was determined to find lots of gold and be rich. He discovered huge chunks in the Summer Hill Creek.When he spread the news they found out that he only grabbed the huge chunks and left the rest with little flakes

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