5/6A and Prep M Concert Rehearsal Video

Here is your chance to practise our concert dance at home. Watch the video carefully and ensure  that you know the moves. Remember the concert is only three weeks away from tonight. We will be performing on the Thursday and will be the first act of the night.

Watch and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “5/6A and Prep M Concert Rehearsal Video

  1. Is a fantastic rehearsal we have gotten better each week, we need to get all the costumes ready so we can rehears our dress rehearsal and start doing the show. Something we could improve we could practic I bit more because sometimes we got to fast or go to slow on our timing but fantastic dance prep M and 5/6A and let’s get this over and done with.

  2. This is fantastic to see that we learn better and practice harder every week. It is very easy to get all of the moves right. I think I need to improve on my timing better. It’s great how the preps also learned very fast. The bad thing is that I cannot watch the video. But I’m very sure that it’s a very spectacular video, to watch us learning more. Espiecially on our finale song “let it grow” which only took us 1 week. The concert night will be epic. Well done 5/6A and preps.

    -I like how we learn very fast
    -I like how we get better each week
    -We could improve on our timing just a little bit though.

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