100 Word Challenge

The previous 100 word challenges we have completed have been part of the holiday prompts because it is an American based web site. This is the first prompt of a new year for 100 Word Challenge. I do hope you all have a wonderful time exploring each other’s writing! Please make sure you visit other posts to leave a supportive comment. It is only by sharing that we can improve. The first prompt is:

…suddenly I heard a crack…

You can put the prompt anywhere in your writing but keep it together. Remember you have only 100 words to produce a creative piece.

You must have your 100 word challenge seeded, drafted, revised, proofread and posted to the blog by 7th September.


12 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. On a mysteriously, miserable foggy morning, when there was absolutely no bright and gleaming sunlight, I was lonely, while anxiously walking on the brittle, thin ice.
    The smooth and gentle breeze brushed past my ears. Suddenly I heard a crack… It was as powerful as a wide and massive thunderbolt.
    My frightened body suddenly splashed into freezing, blue water. The cold water sent chills up my spine. I furiously swam as powerful as only an Olympic swimmer can. I feel joyful as I swim closer to safety. Suddenly, I start to drown. I’m devastated!

  2. Title: CRACK!
    During one stunning summers day, I was in the creepy mine, mining like I was in a mining competition against the greatest 20 miners in history of the amazing world. Suddenly I heard a crack which sped through the very mysterious and gargantuan mine at unbelievably high speed. I look into where the absolutely loud crack had come from. Suddenly a blaze of terrifying light soared into my eyes. I recovered from the extremely bright light amazingly quick and mined around that crack. Soon the hole was large enough for me to fit through the totally freaky wall.

  3. The storm

    In the blustery rainy evening, while I was happily playing inside, a terrible storm had just reached its peak with devastating gales and gigantic hailstones the size of baseballs. Ice covered the windows and the streets. Even if you wiped the window, all you could see is rain and the distant faint light of street lamps. The noise outside made by the rain was raucous. It sounded like a crazy packed crowd at an extremely close football match. Suddenly I heard a crack. I start to shiver uncontrollably and I turn pale with fear as I realise, the old massive humongous tree leaning towards our house was crashing down.

    Author: Logan Flynn of 5/6 A

  4. Suddenly I heard a Crack
    One beautiful day, when the sun was shining bright, I ran around, enjoying a game of tiggy. The taste of my morning tea while running made me want to throw up. I hope I won’t get hurt because when we play a game of tiggy someone always gets hurt. I was wondering too much, because I became as slow as a tiny snail. My amazing friend Elizabeth told me to hurry. The person that was it was quickly sprinting towards us. I was tagged, which felt more like a hard push. I fell to the ground and suddenly I heard a crack as excruciating pain was running up my arm.

  5. The earthquake that led to doom!

    In the morning, when the birds sang a warbling tune, the rumble of the ground shook us like a billion fans seeing a celebrity. The ground rumbled like a jet leaving the airport, but as I rushed to get my mum, we suddenly heard a crack. The crack sounded like an ear splitting earthquake so I was more determined to get help. The ground started to open up on us. As I looked into the opening of the crater I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was living on the ground but I noticed that under all the layers of ground was hot, steaming lava. The lava was so hot that it felt like you were in a giant microwave which was set on forever…..

  6. The unusual crack.

    The house was shaking terribly, the noisy glass shattered everywhere in the kitchen and the lounge room. My pictures were falling off the walls. What is making these sounds? As I look out the window, the houses are shaking, people are looking terrified and everyone was running outside like crazy. The whole court is shaking like a washing machine.
    When I look at the news, the news reporter says there’s an earthquake striking out side of town. I walk outside and see the concrete splitting in half. Suddenly I heard a crack, I start to limp as if I feel excruciating pain in my leg. I look around everywhere but I can’t see what caused the crack. Suddenly I fall to the ground…

    Author: Nyetap Ruach

  7. .The Masteries Window.
    As I was injuring look out of the window I suddenly herd a crack in the window. I investigate who made the awful crack. I look out the window, there’s no one in sight. I open the window and step out to look around. There’s still no one. So I go back and asking myself, who would have done this and why. As time goes by the crack strangely gets bigger. By the next morning the window has disappeared. As I look down on where the window was I see glass tracings, so I step out of the house and flow it. The trail shows the glass trail going around the house, sow I keep on follow them. I come back around to where I started. Suddenly the widow has magically appeared. but
    the tracings are gone. From that day on I wonder how did it happen and why?

    Author: Guguei

  8. …Suddenly I heard a crack…

    As leaves were strongly drifting through the sky, birds chirping and trees swaying, people were screaming with fear. Houses were falling and lightning flashed while people were sleeping. All lights in houses, streets and alleyways were shut down, every thing was silent… A terrifying noise woke me up, no-body else noticed. Many times, a flash of lightening appeared. “I don’t know how to explain my feelings.” I say to myself. “I must be lonely and very scared.” I run and scream for help, but I don’t get a response back. “What is making all this noise anyway?” I say to myself! I stop walking and suddenly I heard a crack…

  9. 100 Word Challenge
    On a dull, stormy night as the the haunting thunder roars across the sky, I’m laying in my room on my warm comfy bed feeling bad for the cows as I stare from my window. They’re quite smart as they huddle up together under the huge ancient tree a few metres from my room.
    A repetitive wave of lightning forks light up the sky. …suddenly I hear a crack… I don’t believe it, a lightning bolt struck the tree and it’s on fire coming towards my room. I immediately run. I head to the front door, but the fire was faster. I’m trapped… Why me?

    By Zach

  10. It was mid-night when everyone was asleep and these three boy weren’t, they wanted to go out and play so the three boys went out to play and they were balancing on a piece of wood that was skinny and they all went on at once. Suddenly they heard a crack, so all of them jumped of very quick but when they did, one boy didn’t make it off as quick and he broke his arm because he landed on it. He was screaming out in agony, and the boys helped him inside and that scream woke his Mum and Dad and when they went out they went to the hospital as fast as they could.
    By Leigham

  11. One day I was fishing with a mate. We were fishing in a wide, cold river in the middle of the thick dark bush. Suddenly we heard a loud crack! We were both petrified! We had no idea what it was. My mate said he would go and look. I was extremely nervous. I didn’t want to know what it was because I’d probably murder the thing or break the thing maybe kill it if it was an animal. Suddenly I heard a crack in my car light and that morning I looked at my car light and it was cracked.

    During the morning, I go outside looking at my garden because yesterday I saw a wonderful, lovely flower and I really wanted to see it again. When I started walking, I suddenly heard a crack. I look inside my house, wondering what made the large crack. I couldn’t see anything was wrong. I walked back outside to look at my wonderful lovely flowers. I was still wondering what the crack was, but I decided that it must’ve been my mind playing tricks on me. I finally get to my beautiful flowers and can’t believe my eyes… A giant tree has fallen on top of my garden, destroying everything.

    Author: Nyanom

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