100 Word Challenge

As usual, you have just 100 words. Do make sure you really think about the words you choose. What story are you going to tell? Who are the characters going to be?

A spot of fishing Week #2

13 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. Uh Oh

    In the warm breezy gentle afternoon, the warmth of the sun felt heavenly. I was happily fishing in an amazing vast lake. Suddenly a gigantic amazing beautiful 3 foot fish jumps out of the water. As the fish jumps out of the water the scales are reflecting the sun and making an indescribable vivid colour. I go to put the worm on my hook but I accidently drop it into a far from ready experimental mutant juice. Suddenly the worm grows to 4 feet with huge ragged yellow teeth and lunges at like I’m his worst enemy. I am left fighting for my life.

    Author: Logan Flynn of 5/6 A

  2. One great afternoon when I was going fishing I had my line in the water then I saw it beaming at the cut in the rusty wood I picked it up and started to pull in I struggle and I said to myself what could possibly be a monster a snag or what I could see it just a tip at the top of the water was a pinkie orange fin I pulled it out it was a bobbly eyed fish staring right at me I was scared so I jumped out and swam to the shore…..

    author: Bailey of 5/6 A

    thank you for reading.

  3. 100 word challenge
    During a wonderful day when I went fishing it was on the fish didn’t look a fish it was a creature it looked like it was going to eat me as I looked at this rotten creature . I feel frighten, shocked and horrified that I have not seen a creature like this. I think that the creature looks like something that I’ve seen before. I think that it eats a lot of big things like fish. I smell the wonderful water and the horrified creature. I hear the water running and the creature trying to get away from the man.
    Author: Cody Mac

  4. Title: AAAHHH
    One stunning summer’s day, when the beautiful sun was shining brightly over my head, my incredibly handsome father and I were out on the gargantuan lake, happily fishing like father and son should. Suddenly something ginormous bit on my bait on my gigantic line. I then yanked on my miniature rod to hook what was biting my bait. I rapidly reeled in what I thought was a fish, but to my Dad’s and my amazement it was a massive pinkish-purple eel. My Dad and I screamed in horror because we’d never seen anything as creepy as this before.
    Author: Reece W

  5. One gorgeous day, I was floating on top of the calm water, allowing my scales to soak up the warmth from the sun. Suddenly, dangling above me is a delicious worm, wriggling in front of my bulging eyes; I leap out of the cold water and snatch the juicy worm. I’m shocked when a hook pierces through my mouth and blood slips smoothly down my throat. I’m getting attacked as I get pulled out of the water. I come face to face with some large strange creature. The creature looks horrified when they see my razor sharp yellow teeth.
    By Tahlia

  6. What’s happening???
    One beautiful morning when the sun was shining, I was swimming, when my favorite food, started bobbling around. I started swimming towards the worm when you stopped my fantastic mum stopped me and told me that it was a silly trick but I didn’t listen and kept on swimming towards it. When I grabbed on I realized that my amazing mum was right. I struggled and pulled but couldn’t get free I was as frighten as someone meeting a dangerous lion or tiger. When all of a suddenly I heard someone screaming and said look at the ugly fish so she put me back.

    Author: Chloe Holmes

  7. Me and the specie!
    I am out fishing but then I hear a swish in the water. I thought it was just a whoosh of the wind. My friend says “what is that is that a fish” but then I catch something I say “no it’s a worm OF CUASE IT’S A FISH” and then people walk past and they say “what the flaming hell was that a meant to be? “ Then dad said, “It’s a meant to be a sort of species why would you ask me for I don’t know that kind of stuff but I am smart thought.
    Author Louise

  8. Ugly Thing
    The thing looks like a worm that has humungous eyes and sharp razer teeth. How could a creature that looks like that get caught by my fishing hook? I think that the unusual thing is an eel that has eaten lots of fish because it looks gigantic. It seems like it has grown lots of teeth. I felt like I was dreaming because I have never seen anything like this in my life before and it was the first time that I have seen something that looks that hideous. It looked like a fish with no tail or fins.
    Author: Nyetap Ruach

  9. The disgusting fish.

    One great afternoon I went fishing. I had my line in the water and it felt very heavy. I tried to pull it out. When I pulled the fish line out I found this terrible fish. I looked at it. It didn’t look like a fish, so I kept looking at it. When I looked at it, it looked like it was going to eat me. I was thinking how I could put it back in the water, I didn’t want to touch it because it looked disgusting and really scary. I wondered to myself “Is this a fish because it doesn’t look like a fish to me?”
    Author: Nyanom L.R

  10. 100 Word Challenge
    During a beautiful, summer morning I was prepare my things for a long drive to a lake so I can go fishing. As I’m driving along, a repetitive light is flashing, creeping into a dark forest. I decide to investigate it. As I reach a creepy lake the flashing stops, and a sudden, random bolt of lightning strikes the water. I look down and see a blue glow in the water, I try to get a better view of it. As the glow becomes brighter, a huge, scaly, slimy eel like thing leaps out of the water, wraps it’s slimy body around my neck and drags me into the water…
    By Zach

  11. 100 Word Challenge.

    In the beautiful morning, when everything was foggy, I drove to the overly gigantic lake where I could see jumping fish. I thought it was a good place to fish, so I got my rusty old boat from the brand new shiny jeep and I put it in the water and waited for 1 hour. I finally hooked a huge fish. I been trying to make it come to the side to see how big it really was and when a got it to the boat I got it out off the water it was slimy pink mystical creature then I put it back.

    Author: Leigham Dodd.

  12. Unknown Creature

    On a beautiful, bright and gleaming summer’s day, when the shining sun beamed in my smiling, joyful face, I was stunningly horrified as a monstrous beast suddenly appeared from nowhere.
    The chill of fear tingles through my bones. All I could see was an approaching red, fat and jagged tooth beast. My friend is screaming in madness as he glares at this weird worm-looking fish. The fish looks into my bulging eyes and opens its wide and massive mouth. The creature then sinks its razor sharp teeth into my arm! The bite felt like 500 bees stinging me at once. What do I do?

    Author: Jay Muscat

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