Questions for our blog visitors

Hello 5/6A Classroom visitors…

Here are some questions that we’d like our blog visitors to answer. Students from the grade have thought of these questions.

– What country are you from?

– How did you find out about our class blog?

– What are your hobbies/interests?

– What is your school/work like?

– What are your favourite subjects at school?

– What are your goals and ambitions?

– What do you find interesting about our blog?

One thought on “Questions for our blog visitors

  1. HI 5/6A. My name is Rebecca and I am from Australia. I found out about your blog by searching the internet looking for some information on persuasive writing and why students should have a classroom party.

    My hobbies include horse riding, snow boarding, snorkelling and camping.

    I work at a school and it is absolutely fantastic. I am working whilst another teacher is on holidays. She will return in Term 4 and then I go back to casual teaching at two schools.

    My favourite subjects at school were art and science. I am an aquatic scientist and a teacher. Aquatic scientist means that I study water environments, mostly freshwater like rivers and lakes.

    My goal is to continue my new teaching career.

    I found it interesting that your class is so involved in the blog and that you post lots of comments on your blog. I like to read your opinions and find out about the learning in your classroom. I was particularly interested in your opinions as to why you think you should have a classroom party. Perhaps you could provide some advice to my class as they are about to write me a letter to persuade me into having a classroom party on my last day with them.

    I look forward to seeing you perform on stage in the Lorax concert. You have all worked so hard this term in your concert practice. I am sure you will be superstars on stage.

    See you at school!!!!!

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