100 Word Challenge Showcase

Congratulations to Jay, whose 100 word challenge from last week was selected from 400 other pieces of writing from around the world to be one of the showcase 100 word challenges.

If you haven’t yet make sure you read our 100 word challenges, they are very descriptive and engaging to read.

Well done Jay!


3 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Showcase

  1. Well done Jay! What a fabulous effort. Keep up the great work. I really enjoy reading your descriptive writing that encapsulates the audience.
    From Mrs Joyce

    1. I wasn’t expecting to see this as soon as I checked onto our blog… It is great that I’ve been selected to be one of the 400 100WC around the world on the week one showcase! It is very hard to keep up with these every week but very fun to write great pieces of writing. Good luck to everyone at our school, and around the world.

    2. And also, thank you Mrs. Joyce for your support and compliments. I hope everyone in your grade does great 100WC too.

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