14 thoughts on “Inquiry Expo – Term 3

  1.  I learnt how an earthquake is linked to a tsunami and how the plates work to make a tsunami.
     I was a successful learner because I got things done and got things done when my friend was not here to help me and while my friend was not here I got everything done so we could make our good copy.
     I think my group had the best because I could tell people what our experiment and when I showed them they had a go and they understand what my project was about and I think they liked it because they were having fun having a go at my experiment.

  2. – From this terms inquiry day I learnt that it is possible to make a cloud in a jar no matter how big or small the jar is and I also learnt how to use wix.com to
    create my own website for the expo day.

    – I think I was sort of a successful inquiry learner because I used my time wisely to get things that I needed to complete, completed in a reasonable time limit and didn’t spend too long on them things and I cooperated well with my partner on and before the expo day.

    – I think that Ashton and Carissa did the best because every time I looked around I could see a massive crowd around Ashton and Carissa’s station at the expo day, everyone seemed interested in what they were doing and they were letting the little kids have a go at their experiment because they picked an experiment that was easy for the kids to do on expo day.

  3. What did I learn from term 3 inquiry unit?

    I learnt that a biome is a group of similar ecosystems. I also learnt that Tasmanian devils get a disease called devil facial tumour disease.

    How did I work during term threes inquiry unit?

    I worked okay but Bailey Randall was my partner and he is away all the time and I don’t get as much work done because I am trying to set up everything and it is failing like blue ice falling out of an airplane, and when he is here I am so busy trying to calm him down because he is being so silly I don’t get any work done.

    Who’s presentation was the best and why?

    I believe that Thalia’s and Lilianas was the best because they had a wix, glogsters, model of a sponge turtle swimming around in a pond like thing.

    Author: Logan Flynn of 5/6A

  4. From this inquiry project the most I have learnt is about is my endangered animal the spotted owl .
    1 I learnt that my endangered can be moved to the amazon the prevent it to be lost forever.
    2 That the spotted owl can also be introduced to new creatures to feed on.
    3 That they are the top 23 almost extinct animals in the world.
    I was a successful learner because I knew how I was going to present it. I also knew how I could explain my topic and what my work was and how other people could understand it. I was a successful learner by getting the work done by a high standard that includes my model, video, kid blogs and mind maps.
    In my opinion the best presentation would have been annelise and Stephanie. Because they had a fantastic work done to a high standard they had children coming to their presentation because they had there topic interesting and made it more hooked into the audience.

  5. – What did you learn from this inquiry unit?
    I learnt that a green sea turtle can stay under water for at least 2 hours without breathing, or jumping out of the water. I learnt how an oil spill can affect animals and their habitats. I have learnt that a green sea turtle is one of the largest turtles that are alive, even though they are endangered.

    – Were you a successful inquiry learner? Why/why not?
    I was a successful learner because I followed the procedure of what we had to do for our tasks and completed them well. I was a successful learner because I finished all of the tasks that were on the list except for one that was my website. My partner didn’t finish all of her tasks on her check list because she was away some days, but we still managed to be successful and present all of our work that had been completed.

    -Who do you think had the best inquiry presentation? Why?
    I think the best and well-presented inquiry work would be Tanisha and Talia because they had so much information to present and they had followed the procedure very well. Tanisha and Talia did every task they were told to do, and got their work done without any problems. Tanisha and Talia seemed to have everything spot on and they never gave up on their work. Tanisha and Talia had information that could be answered and they could put in a sentence how they answered there question. Tanisha and Talia had many things to share and they had a great experiment to be shown, and they were very happy about their work!
    By Tahlia

  6. What did you learn from this inquiry unit? I learned about how global warming is impacting on the world. Global warming is rapidly increasing the quantity and quality of natural disasters. Global warming is natural but is also highly assisted by humans releasing heat-trapping gasses into the atmosphere causing a hotter planet, because the planet is hotter there is more droughts, heat waves, fires and many other natural disasters. In the next few years, what has always been rare natural disasters, will become the new normal due to global warming.
    Where you a successful inquiry learner? Why/Why not? I was away a lot during most inquiry days, but during the days I was here I think I made up for the time I was away. I wasn’t as successful as I could’ve been or wanted to be, but I still think I was fairly successful in my learning on most things.
    I think Jordan and my inquiry work was successful because we co-operated very well together and understood each other’s thoughts and ideas about things which allowed us to improve them. The thing we didn’t do well on was sometimes if one of us were away we would do things that have already done and wasted some time.

  7. What did you learn from the Inquiry unit?
    I have learnt that Tsunamis, earthquakes and tectonic plates are linked because the tectonic plates make an underwater earthquake which makes powerful air from the water push more water up into the ocean which creates the first Tsunami wave. I have also learnt that a tsunami travels at 800km per hour and it is as fast as a jet airplane, I have also learnt that the tsunami slows down a little bit when it is getting closer to the shore.

    Were you a successful inquiry learner? Why/Why not?
    I think that I was a successful inquiry learner because when I was given Inquiry work to do I was following instructions and I was working successfully. I think that I worked successfully during Inquiry days because when I was working I wasn’t trying to interrupt other people with their work. I was just trying to get my work done so I just kept on going even if my partner is away I would just keep on working and not let anything to get in my way of work, that is why I think that I was a successful learner a in inquiry days.

    Who do you think had the best inquiry presentation? Why?
    I think that Tahlia and Liarna had the best presentation because they seemed to get organized really well and they had all of their work in the right places for people to look at. I think that the girls would have worked really great because it seemed like they knew what they were doing and they seemed to have everything under control with all of the work. I think that Tahlia and Liarna were working really hard to get everything done and I think that they finished all of the work that needed to be done because their table was full on papers and information that could answer their Inquiry question. I think that Tahlia and Liarna had an amazing science experiment because their science experiment was based on their question “How can we protect sea turtles from extinction?” and they made the experiment about helping the turtles because of the oil spills that happen in the ocean.
    Author: Nyetap Ruach

  8. What did I learn from this inquiry unit?
    I learned that an eco-system has biomes, such as grassland, marine life, forest, desert, and tundra. The grassland has 2 types of grasslands. One is savannah and the other is temperate. The biomes all have animals in them. But in each biome, global warming/humans are destroying them from deforestation, and natural disasters. I learned that the pollution that we create is putting small holes, one by one all over the ozone layer all across the word. That is why we have a thing called “global warming”, because the ozone layer protects the sun from heating us up too much, but because there’s too much holes, there’s more sun coming into the earth making it warmer. I learned that humans are always chopping down trees in the forest, which is affecting animals because then they have nowhere to live, and nothing to eat. Our question was “how does deforestation affect Mountain gorillas?” Well that’s because they have nowhere to live, which leads them to go to dangerous places where they can get hunted. If their food gets chopped down, then they can’t have any food. And sometimes they can even get hunted and killed for medicine and other human products.
    Was I a successful inquiry learner? Why/Why not?
    I think that Ben T and I were half and half for this term. The positive side was that we managed to get everything done on time each week. We learned very fast about eco-systems and all other related topics. We learned quickly about things we couldn’t figure out in the first place, e.g.… We didn’t know how to use WIX, but in the end, we made a fantastic looking WIX that everyone enjoyed. We also created an amazing expo, as we had lots of positive feedback, lots of smiling faces and lots of people. We managed to create a science experiment within one week, when we were stuck finding one for lots of weeks. But then, our negative side was that sometimes we didn’t accomplish our work, and talked a little bit. Sometimes I could get really frustrated and wasn’t showing a positive attitude. Sometimes Ben and I didn’t really work well together. But we still made a superb effort.
    Who do you think had the best inquiry presentation? Why?
    I can’t choose the “best” presentation, but here’s one that I enjoyed, as I scrolled through some pictures.
    Jordan Murphy, Andrew Drava, and Sundae looked like they knew what they were doing, as they had their experiment ready. Their experiment looked well explained and they looked concentrated on what they were doing. Their experiment also looked very detailed. I also saw some of their work, and they looked very fantastic. Our group was very good because we had worksheets everywhere that some visitors enjoyed, we planned our speech, we had our movie maker and WIX all set up, our science experiment on the table that we could explain and show to everyone. One thing we could improve is getting all of our work set up on time for the expo.

  9. I learnt that snow leopards get slaughtered for the organs.
    I also learnt that if you get some ice, put it in a zip lock back, get some cling wrap. put the clings wrap over a bowl, then get the ice cube and put it on top the cling wrap and then every 15minutes/1hour the drops will get bigger.

    I and my partner were a little bit behind but I we could say we were successful.
    the reason why I say I was successful is because we got almost every thing done I worked really hard and tried my best.

    I really wanted to see Jays/Bens because they were doing mountins gorillas and it looked really cool.

  10. What did i learn from the inquiry unite?
    I learnt how to do a website and do a glogster and I have never done a glogster before that was my first time that I ever did one and I had done an experiment and then I kept on working on it and showing it but then there was a hole in the box that I was working on and then the floor was wet and then I had to pack it up. My partner had a really good experiment because she had a tornado in a jar and bubbles in the jar as well as water and then you shake it and then there should be a tornado and then it will vanish but she was working well we presented also good but not the best the bests presented piece of work was probably Brittney’s and heidie’s presentation .

  11. What did you learnt from this inquiry unit?
    During this term’s inquiry unit I learnt lots of things. I learnt how to find information about tsunamis, how tsunamis happen, what is a tsunami, what happens after a tsunami, speed of a tsunami and the damage the can cause. I learnt how to do a wix, putting pictures about our own work on it. I learnt how to work very well with other students in my group and to get along with each other.

    Were you a successful inquiry learner?
    I was successful because I think for this term’s inquiry unit I worked very well more than other teams and the work I done this term was better than last term. I think I done more than last term. I think because I understand this term’s inquiry better and I liked this term’s inquiry better because I understand what I am working on.

    Who do you think had the best inquiry presentation why?
    I think Terry’s group done a great job on their inquiry because they look like they finished all their inquiry work. The second person I think it is Cody’s group. I think Cody’s group did a great job too because it looked like they finished everything too.

  12. What did you learn from this inquiry unit? I learnt about how heat waves differ around the world. The definition of a heat wave is that the temperature is above its average temperature for three consecutive days. Each part of the world receives different amounts of heat like in England its normal temperature is twenty degrees and its heat wave amount is over twenty five degrees and in Africa the normal heat is thirty degrees and a heat wave amount can go up to forty to fifty degrees.
    Were you a successful inquiry learner why/why not? I was a successful learner because I was away on some days but I usually quickly caught up on what my other group members were doing. Sometimes I couldn’t catch up but most of the time because there was too much work ahead of me or I was too tired and couldn’t do as much work.
    Who do you think had the best inquiry presentation? I think that Andrew had the best presentation because his looked like it had been experimented a lot to figure out how to make the Teddy Factory. It looks like he has put a lot of effort into his work to make the things he and his partner made together. Andrew and his partner should be proud of what they made.

  13. What did I learn from term 3 inquiry unit?
    I learnt what the earth is made out of becuase I didn’t know really know what the earth is made out of.
    I learnt that the tectonic plates are on top of the mantle.
    Were you a successful inquiry learner?
    I believe I was a successful learner becuase I was able to awser my inquiry and work really well with Bailey.
    Who do you think had the best inquiry presentation why?
    I think that alana and bonnies group was really group because they didnt have very long to get their scencie experiment and it was a big scencie experiment.

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