Reece’s 100 Word Challenge – The Fish

One stunning summer’s day, when the beautiful sun was shining brightly over my head, my incredibly handsome father and I were out on the gargantuan lake, happily fishing like father and son should. Suddenly something ginormous bit on my bait on my gigantic line. I then yanked on my miniature rod to hook what was biting my bait. I rapidly reeled in what I thought was a fish, but to my Dad’s and my amazement it was a massive pinkish-purple eel. My Dad and I screamed in horror because we’d never seen anything as creepy as this before.
Author: Reece W

2 thoughts on “Reece’s 100 Word Challenge – The Fish

  1. What a long first sentence – but it really sets a calm and peaceful scene too! Your use of description throughout this week’s 100WC is excellent Reece. I can tell you have based your ideas on the prompt, which is great! The only thing you need to remember is which tense you are using. In your final sentence, where you say ‘as creepy as this before’ it would sound better if the word ‘that’ was used instead. What do you think? Keep up the great writing Reece. I look forward to reading more 100WC from you.

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