100 Word Challenge

This week the prompt is:

… and then I saw a bright light…

You must use these words somewhere in your writing and please keep them together. This means that your writing should be 107 words only. Do read through before you post to make sure you have written what you were thinking!

Everyone in the class must complete this piece of writing. You may use your writing time in the class or complete it as homework.

10 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. Title: Bright Light
    One stunning and extreme summer’s day, when the gigantic red hot sun was shining, I was walking around the amazing street with my extremely trustworthy and handsome older brother Hayden, casually walking along like we always do. Hayden and I were crossing a road looking as we were crossing the road and then I saw a bright light rapidly speeding through. Hayden and I frantically ran as fast as we could, trying to run off the wonderful and gargantuan road. The next thing I knew I’m in a massive and creepy hospital bed. I felt petrified because I have no clue what happened to Hayden.
    Author: Reece W

  2. On a great morning as I was crossing the road a car crashed into me. I hear people helping me. I see blood going everywhere as my friends help me wait for someone to come. I feel shocked, horrified and horrible that I got hit by a car as I feel my blood going away from my powerful body. I think I am going to die. I think the person who hit me is shocked. I saw a bright light, the light was so bright. I woke up in hospital. As I have a look around my friends and family surround me.
    Author: Cody Mac

  3. On a warm spring evening. The breeze seemed to glide across my cheek giving me a pleasant warm fuzzy feeling. The rain had left the streets and sidewalks wet and slippery. I was effortlessly running across town. Suddenly as I came up a hill without fences, suddenly the rocks fell before me and I was sliding, I saw a tree, I tried to reach the tree but it hit my arm and I went flying in a different direction. All I could see was the bright vivid city lights spinning around me like V8 supercars. As I hit the ground that’s when I saw the bright light.
    Author: Logan Flynn of 5/6A

  4. The Mysterious Glow!
    During the cold dark night, when the crows where squawking and the owls where hooting, I walked into the spooky forest, and I saw a deserted road. Will anyone will come down this road and help me find my way back home? I walked across the road to see what the mysterious glowing hexagon was. I was creeping towards it and then I saw a bright light… I wake up and I see an ambulance car and I see doctor picking me up and putting me in the car, then I realise that it was the ambulance that hit me!
    Author: Shani

  5. As I nervously get dressed, put my hard hat on a chill goes down my back. I’ve never been so excited before. Everyone’s chatting to each other, enjoying a good time while I’m remembering my class dance. Then somebody finally comes and tells us it’s our cue to go on, I immediately jump up and walk on to the backstage. We all have to be dead silent and not say a word. I look around and notice everyone in their costumes. They open up the curtains and then I saw a bright light shine upon my face Let the dance begin..

  6. One misty, grey night, I was calmly walking around the city streets, trucks and all sorts of cars were driving everywhere in the sunshine. It was an amazing but windy night when people were roaming the streets being really weird. People were so busy that there was heaps of traffic. Something was shining brightly on my eyes when I was walking around the city. It was so awful that I couldn’t even open my eyes and then I saw a bright light. Leaves were falling and everyone was shaking with fear. Buildings were swaying. Suddenly I heard a huge upsetting BANG!

  7. On a very exciting day with my amazingly awesome best friend we were riding our bikes to a brand new theme park. I’ve wanted to go there ever since they started building it. As we reach the main road there are hundreds of cars zooming past. We wait for several minutes before we cross. We quickly and safely push our bikes across the road. As we begin to cross the next road I hear a loud honking noise. My friend shouts, I look over and see a light. A huge truck’s speeding at me. Then I see a bright light. I wake up in hospital… What happened?

  8. One sunny day when everything was fine, I found a mysterious cave. I started to explore it and it felt like someone had already explored it because there were signs everywhere and tracks that lead to dead ends. I decided to explore more, hoping to find rare jewels such as diamonds or rubies. I ran through the tracks but all of a sudden I saw a bright light I ran towards it and I felt the ground start to rumble… The cave was collapsing! I tried to find a way out, but both paths were blocked!

  9. There I was climbing in mysterious dark cave underground where I climbed and then suddenly I heard a crack and then rocks and more rocks come rumbling and it block it up and then it started to rain and it filled I only had one torch and one set of batteries’ and that was in the torch, when I was climbing the gigantic green slippy moss then the torch suddenly died and I had to climb WITHOUT a light and then I saw a bright light I head towards it and then suddenly I see the great big blue see…

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