Melbourne Camp – MCG

Next Wednesday we will be visiting the MCG and its National Sports Museum. Use the information and images to learn more about the stadium and answer the questions/tasks in details as a post on the blog.


Wembley Stadium, Camp Nou, Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden are considered among the greatest sporting arenas in the world, but for history, pure drama and emotion, it’s hard to look past the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

The MCG was built in 1853 and, since then, has established a marvellous history that compares favourably with any other in the world.

Known as the ‘G, Australia’s favourite stadium is the birthplace of Test cricket and the home of Australian football, holding more than 80 events annually and attracting close to four million people. It has hosted more than 100 Test matches (including the first in 1877) and VFL/AFL Grand Finals.

The MCG was the main stadium for the 1956 Olympic Games, hosting all track and field events, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. In 2006, the MCG again played this role, this time for the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Other sporting spectacles that have been held there include Australian World Cup soccer qualifiers, rugby league home and away matches and State of Origin, international rugby union and Austral Wheel Races.

The MCG is a 365-days-per-year function facility that is as versatile as any stadium in the world.  Apart from its sporting events, the MCG has staged many blockbuster music concerts, including Madonna, U2, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones and The Police.

Managed by the Melbourne Cricket Club, the MCG is also home to the National Sports Museum, Australia’s finest source of sporting artefacts and history.

With the recent redevelopment of the northern side of the stadium complete, the MCG now boasts of a total capacity of 100,024.

Another fine feature of the MCG is its close proximity to the Melbourne Central Business District, with just a short train or tram ride required to reach the arena.

–       Describe the MCG.

–       What major events have been held at the MCG?

–       Why do you think it is one of the best stadiums in the world?

–       How many people do you think attend the MCG every year?

2 thoughts on “Melbourne Camp – MCG

  1. – Describe the MCG.
    The MCG is a round dome that holds Australian football, Rugby, Cricket and the wheel races.
    – What major events have been held at the MCG?
    1 1956 Olympic Games
    2 2006 Commonwealth Games
    – Why do you think it is one of the best stadiums in the world?
    Because it held the 1956 Olympic Games and that was the biggest Australian success in our history.
    – How many people do you think attend the MCG every year?
    There would be 4 million people each year would attend the stadium because the Olympic Games and the common wealth games.

  2. The MCG is a big stadium in Melbourne, Victoria Australia.
    I think more that 1 million people come to the MCG a year.

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