Day 2 of the Melbourne camp was definitely the busiest and most tiring.

We visited the marvellous MCG where we had some fantastic and interesting tour guides (one was Alan Joyce who is an AFL premiership coach, the other was enthusiastic Peter who kept us all entertained with his creative stories). We were also able to look at the Sports Museum at the MCG and played in the interactive Game On.

The Melbourne Gaol was another highlight of the day. Students entered cells, saw where Ned Kelly was hanged and even heard ghost stories about the haunted number 17 cell. See if you can see any ghosts in the images below.

We quickly visited the museum and looked at the dinosaur skeletons, bugs, marine life, Phar Lap and Life in Melbourne.

Half of the group attempted ice skating in the docklands and the other half played mini golf. It was great to see some videos of really talented skaters who were able to do spins… even though they were’t trying. The mini golf showed we have some potential golfers and some students who need to ensure that they warn everyone in a 1km radius that they are about to hit a ball. It was great these nights were reasonably injury free with only a few bruised bottoms from ice skating and one small black eye from a stray golf ball at mini golf.

We had all you can pasta and ice cream in the busy Lygon Street and then after a busy day of visiting Melbourne landmarks, travelling on packed trams, walking and lots more walking we were all very tired and went to bed.

What was your highlight from day 2? Why?

Choose one of the MCG, Old Melbourne Gaol or Melbourne Museum. Describe what you learnt and saw at your chosen landmark.