Day 3 included a visit to science works, where the children were able to visit the sports science and maths area and played fun and interesting games at the carnival of science. Some students put their head into a guillotine before placing their head on a dinner plate, while many students accepted the challenge of laying on a bed of nails. We visited the planetarium and watched an amazing show about the stars and planets in the sky. We were even lucky enough to go an electricity and lightning show at science works.

We then went back the hostel where it was room inspection time. Was great to see students come together and tidy their rooms as well as bribing the judges with food, drinks, songs, poems and dancing.

Once again we went to Lygon Street for dinner. This time we had all you can eat pizza. We walked back to the hostel very full and tired.

On our final day we packed and went to the Queen Vic Market, where some students made some purchases.

We caught the city loop train to Southern Cross before hopping on our train and returning to Traralgon.

What was your highlight from days 3 and 4?

Describe the best part about science works.