9 thoughts on “Melbourne Camp – Melbourne Zoo Video

  1. Us humans could assist in the tigers and seals survival by not littering because that won’t let them eat all the things that we humans litter, we can stop poaching because that way they will only die when they are supposed to and we can stop destroying their habitats because then they would have their homes in the wild that they’re meant to live in.

  2. Humans can help animals, sea animals and animals all across the world to stop dying. The main reason is that we should stop littering. When we litter, any animal can just walk up to it, think its food and try to eat it, but then they’ll choke and die. I’ve experienced a bird trying to eat rubbish, which I was lucky enough that it flew away. It’s also bad if we litter because not only they can eat it, they can get the rubbish stuck round their neck (fish mainly) and choke that way. If we stop littering, then we will be able to see more population of animals, because they haven’t eaten any rubbish to cause their death. It also affects humans because then we wouldn’t have any meat to eat, and wouldn’t get much iron in our body. We would also be very lonely with no animals because we are used to seeing them run around. So it’s easier to not litter, and humans can stop littering. Another reason why animals can die is because we cut down and destroy their habitats. We should stop cutting down their habitats, for our food. If we stop littering and cutting down the animals’ trees, there would be a bigger population of animals, and if we stop, we’ll still have this fantastic seal swimming around.

  3. I wish my group and I could watch the Seal show but we were all underneath watching them. But it doesn’t matter because aleast we were watching the seal from underneath. I wonder if Seals attack humans.

  4. Humans could help seals and tigers survive in the wild by not poaching them so they can breed and these animals won’t be endangered in the future. Another way human could assist seals and tigers is not littering. Littering can cause a lot of damage to these animals if not dealt with. If you litter animals can be eating your wrappers! How would you feel if you were forced to be eating your own wrappers if you didn’t recycle?

  5. Humans can help suvive seals.When they have rubbish they can put rubbish in the bin not just chuck it on the ground or in the sea. Humans if they see somebody littter ask them to put it in the bin or go grab it before it fly’s away. If humans see rubbish on the ground in the sea it would be a great idea to pick it upo and pit it in the bin. Come on evryone help the animals even the seals.

  6. Lygon street was good but it was not my most favourite. liked the MCG. I thought it was better then lygon street but I loved the ice cream.

  7. The seals were cool juming and diving down and up hitting the bar with his noes. The seal just droping down on the rock asleep.

  8. I rilly liked the 6 year old seal before the show me and a copel of others got to see buhined the seance.and when the show came on it was amazing,

  9. For the seals we can stop littering because it can harm them, it can harm them because different rubbish can get stuck around them which can kill them, stop them from swimming and stop them from breathing. Humans shouldn’t buy bones that contain any animals, such as tigers; there should be a harsher punishment for people that are poaching these animals.
    By Thalia

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