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I am VERY excited and honoured to welcome the Night Zoo Keeper back to 100WC. He has made a short video especially for us so do make sure you watch it and get those creative thoughts going.
Good evening, and welcome back to my zoo. I have a very important challenge for you this week. Sly the Snake has found himself in the middle of a mystery that he needs your help to solve.

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Sly the Snake is a builder and a business man who doesn’t go in for any nonsense like ghosts and demons. One night he built a very strange house after plans for it arrived in the post along with payment. The plans had been covered in cobwebs but Sly had built it anyway. The house looked just as the plans had asked for: broken glass windows, creaking wooden porch, spider clock and strange, luminous plastic gargoyles. One night, the owner of the house turned up…
Can you imagine who wanted to live in a scary house like this? A ghost? A demon? A vampire?
Sly was about to find out! (Watch the end of the story here)
Your mission is to create your own scary character to live in the Night Zoo and write a hundred words about it. Remember to use terrifying adjectives to scare your classmates and the 100 Word Challenge team!
Good luck
The Night Zookeeper
*You can visit Sly and the haunted house on our website
*Download the animal creator resource to help you
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The link will stay open until 26th October