Biographies – Ned Kelly

After visiting the Old Melbourne Gaol, many of you have chosen Ned Kelly as your biography seed. Below is a short video that may assist you with some of your research. You will still need to research Ned Kelly in more detail to write an engaging biography.

Remember to use the planning image below to help you unpack a seed about your topic.

8 thoughts on “Biographies – Ned Kelly

  1. Ned Kelly was very brave to save the 7 year old boy from drowning in that river. I wonder what river it was. It said in the video that his suit of armour would have been about 47 kg. They would not have been able to run. It seemed quite mean to have his mother close enough to hear the execution. A few years ago they found his bones and he got a funeral.

  2. What I think about Ned Kelly?
    WOW!!! I never thought he was so bad but the bravest thing that he ever done was when he save a 7 year old boy from drowning in a river, AMAZING! The other thing is that he is a hero to me but he isn’t to any others. When I went to the Melbourne Gaol, I saw Ned Kelly’s death mask, and it was cool as. I also saw how tall he was and he is pretty short, so I was thinking that all the armour would of came down to his feet???

  3. Ned Kelly got hung in the old Melbourne jail because he killed 3 police officers. Ned Kelly was the only one captured alive out of the Kelly gang.

  4. I think one of the reson that Ned kelly was bad was because he grew up with bad around him. His dad went to jail for seven years after stilling pigs in island.His mum was in jail when he got captured then his mum watched him get hang.

  5. Ned Kelly was a hero when he was eleven. He saved a seven year old from drowning in a river. What was the child’s name? In the video it said Ned Kelly was caught by the police in Glen Rowena. The man in the video said that the armour was 47kgs. Ned Kelly got hung in the old Melbourne Gaol for murdering 3 police men.

  6. That was very heroic for ned kelly to save that boy from drowning.I wonder how he could walk around with that suit of armor which weighed 47 kg because that would be very very heavy.If i was ned i would probbaly cover my legs aswell of my chest and my arms that way i wouldnt be abled to be shot at all.

  7. Ned kelly was very bave because he save a 7 year old kid from the river and ned kellys mother watch ned kelly get hung and when she got away from the jail she told the family that ned kelly was hung in jail ned kelly made some armor that cover he,s body but he arms and legs was free and he got stop in the arm and legs and he was put in a room next to the place he got hung and got 1 hour to talk to the and he,s armor weighed 47 Kg.

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